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Upgrades at Hackworth

We are building for the future! Hackworth acquired the adjacent lot and has begun the construction process for our new addition. The addition will be on the back side of our current building off of Transylvania Avenue. Once the project is complete our sister shop, The Graphics Shop, will be moving in with us! Be sure to like us on Facebook to follow the progress via photos and video.

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effects of color in printingUnderstanding the Effects of Color in Printing

When it comes to printing, understanding how different colors appear when mixed together will help you find the right combinations to get the effect that you want. It is important to remember this because colors react differently depending on what format is used.

For example, did you know that if you mixed a red, green and blue light together it will appear white? Yet if you do the same with red, green and blue paints you would wind up with black or a very dark brown?

The reason is because a color that is projected from a source such as light is an “additive” color while colors that are used in printing are “subtractive” colors. The differences are strong enough that you will need to take them into account when printing with particular colors.

Basically speaking, color that has its own source or light is going to react differently when mixed than colors that do not have their own projecting source, but instead reflect the light a certain color. Read More

What Our Customers Are Saying

We really appreciate you guys … truly … its great being able to order supplies, call for ser-vice and call and get someone you know and trust vs. an 1-800 to no where land.
Melissa Cook , Dominion Resources
I have to sing a praise for Scott. He is here working on our KIP and noticed the HP T1300 was plotting our AutoCAD prints sideways. He pointed out that it was recognizing the paper width as 35.9”, and said that since we were sending 36” wide prints it was automatically rotating them because it didn’t think the paper was wide enough. He unloaded the paper, slid the roll over about 1/8”, and it seems to plot fine. Now that’s service!
Pam Wise , Delta Airport Consultants
We received the printing order for the 50 laminated cards, delivered just before lunch, and they are perfect! Drew and the Hackworth team really stepped-up to the challenge, and truly “Raised the Bar” … We know we have a first class “one-stop-shop” for all of our printing and graphic needs. We look forward to future projects with the great support of Hackworth.
Michael Long , Cox Communications

Hackworth Building - Chesapeake, VA

About Hackworth

Hackworth was founded in 1991 when it first started out printing blue prints and technical documents. Today, we are a full fledged document and technology solution organization, all thanks to the inspiring leadership of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles. Read the full story here…