3 Print Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Sales

print marketing ideas

Print marketing is still an essential component of boosting sales revenue for your business.

Why is that? As much as we know digital marketing is changing the way to approach advertising, you can use print materials to your advantage to draw in new clients.

Read on to learn about the top 3 techniques we recommend as print marketing ideas for your business today.

1. Strong Messages are Key Print Marketing Ideas

Make things bold.

Make them clear.

Make them easy to understand.

You need to ensure that anyone who comes across any of your print marketing ideas gets the picture. It takes seconds for people to see your campaign and feel an impact on it or not.

Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish, so it’s important to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

  • You should add bold lettering to your posters or flyer to enhance visual appeal. Use popular fonts such as Bebas Neue, which is a great font for large capitalizations to stand out from the rest.
  • Strong headlines and subheadings are also important factors in creating the best influential print marketing ideas. Word choice must be concise and to the point.
  • Think about color patterns, too. Analysis has been done proving what colors are the most attractive for marketing using color theory. Red, yellow and blue are three bold primary colors that are great for action and orientated products and brands.

2. Modernize Your Business Cards

In the same line with discussing the importance of including strong messages on flyers, you need to be consistent with all of your printed forms of advertising.

When you hand out your next batch of printed business cards, consider jazzing them up a bit.

No longer is it appropriate to leave the bare minimum consisting of your name and phone number.

You should opt for adding high-tech features to your business cards, such as a QR code that directs someone right to your resume. A QR code is essential in such a tech-driven world where everyone can access your information on the Internet.

Stay up to date with this business card trend by purchasing new cards that include a fancy QR code to impress everyone you hand your card out to at networking meetings.

Please your customer with this technique. You always want to think about ways to make their lives easier and you will instantly show them your passion with the details you provide on your business cards.

3. The Classic, Brochures

One final way you can beef up your print marketing ideas is through your brochures.

These classic and basic marketing materials do better for your ROI when they are designed in a clean, crisp manner and are helpful when putting them in the right hands.

When attending trade shows for your individual type of business, whether it be an insurance company or a law firm, you can happily distribute your brochures with confidence knowing your information is displayed in a digestible way for all to understand.

Sometimes it’s difficult to capture what big businesses are all about. Provide your new customers with details written out in laymen’s terms.

Stand Out From The Rest, With The Best Print Marketing Materials

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