4 Creative Ideas for Designing Business Cards

You may think that business cards are not really that necessary but think again! Business cards are a tried and true marketing tool that still have a place today. Business cards can help make a memorable impression in a networking or sales meeting. They can be a reflection of you and your company. A professional yet creative business card can go a long way with your first impression. It could be an integral part that helps you seal the deal.

Here are 4 creative and clever design ideas for business cards that will make your company memorable:

  1. Stretchable Card

business cards

This kind of business card is mainly used by personal trainers or gym owners. The text will be unreadable at first but with its elastic characteristic, you’ll be able to see the text and have a little bit of hand and finger exercise as your first step in the pursuit of fitness at the same time! A business card with this kind of texture is going to need minimum design and text to avoid too much distortion.

  1. Cheese Grater Card

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A business card in the form of a cheese grater will show your creative side as a chef or a restaurateur. This features a change of orientation, as well. Most business cards are in landscape. However, this unique and fun business card will be in portrait to hold the exact likeness of a cheese grater. Put inside a small container or envelope and you can unfold the contact information with little cheese confetti. Fun and helpful at the same time!

  1. Tearable Business Card

business cards

For divorce lawyers, this is the most suitable and creative design as a business card. Its design shows a broken line to cut the business card in half to imply separation, thus, the presence of contact information on both sides. This is to emphasize what kind of lawyer you are about to contact. As said earlier, it is important to make your design relevant and correlated with your business.

  1. Free Stuff Business Card

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Everybody loves free stuff. Giving away some of your products is a good way to advertise and inform people what your business is all about. This example belongs to a hairstylist who uses bobby pins to make the illusion of hair.  Other than being fun to look at, this card also shows a side of practicality. With bobby pins being lost all the time, this business card is helpful in more than one way: telling about the business and keeping your hair in place!

Here at Hackworth, we are able to produce many types of creative print jobs including business cards. We work with our customers to provide high quality solutions for whatever print project you may have. If you have questions or comments, you can submit your message below or contact us today so we can design your business cards for you!

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