4 Dynamic Ideas for Designing Beautiful Company Posters

company posters

Few forms of advertising are as classic as a poster.

You see them taped to light poles, pinned on campus bulletin boards, and displayed at malls and movie theaters.

If you want to up your advertising game, company posters are the way to go. Here are 4 ideas to keep in mind when creating your design.

Legibility is Key

Posters need to be eye-catching and unique. But a poster is just about pointless if viewers can’t take away the intended message.

Most people will only glance at a poster for a few seconds as they walk by. Many will only see it from a distance. Nobody has time to stand and stare and analyze your poster to make out what it says.

That’s why the information on your posters needs to be legible.

Part of achieving this is keeping your design clean. You want to stand out, but having too much going on in a small space draws the eye away from where it should be. In many cases, less is more.

Another factor in legibility is your choices in typeface. It’s good to know the difference between a display typeface and text typeface.

A bold sans-serif lettering works well for big headlines and keywords. For smaller part of your message, a serif typeface makes it easier to distinguish the different characters.

By considering legibility, you improve your chances that people will receive your message.

Color Creates the Mood

The colors you use on your poster go a long way in establishing the emotions people associate with your company, product, or event.

Color has a deep psychological effect. The hues you choose can impact purchase decisions and your brand’s reputation.

For example, a poster promoting a healthcare company or a farmer’s marketing might want to use shades of green to represent life and nutrition. An elegant gala could stick to a black-and-white color scheme to represent the formal occasion.

With color, you can tailor a message without saying anything.

Create a Visual Hierarchy

Journalists use a technique called the “inverted pyramid” when writing stories.

With an inverted pyramid, you start with the biggest, most important ideas first. As you get further along, you add in smaller details that fill out the story.

Creating a hierarchy of information – going from most important to least – is a great thing to keep in mind when designing company posters.

Not everything on the poster should be the same size or prominence. Key things should take dominance.

For example, if you’re advertising an event, you should have a big eye-catching graphic to draw the viewer in. The event’s name should also be large. Date and location should be a bit smaller, with further details even smaller still.

By creating a progression of info, people who see your poster will be better able to process and understand the message.

Be Creative

Advertising with company posters is a great opportunity to show off your brand’s personality.

Get creative! Create a bold design with a digital graphics program, or get old-fashioned and sketch out an illustration.

Plenty of different types of designs can look tremendous on posters with the right formatting, so let the artist in you shine!

Print Your Company Posters

Once you’ve created a design, you need a top-notch company to print up quality posters.

Contact Hackworth today for a free quote on poster printing.

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