5 Creative Elements of Modern Business Cards

modern business cards

Now that we do everything from reading our mail to watching television on smartphones, business cards may seem hopelessly dated. Why bother with pieces of paper when there are apps to organize all your contacts?

For one thing, it’s easier. Fumbling with your phone and trying to open the right app invariably takes your attention away from the conversation. Additionally, no matter how digital we’ve become, tangible objects like modern business cards make a powerful impact. 

Creatively designed, unique business cards are a memorable personal branding tool. Is it time for you to order new business cards? Take a look at some of the options available today.

5 Creative Elements of Modern Business Cards

Cards That Turn Into Something Else

Business cards that double as refrigerator magnets have been around for a while, but we’ve also seen cards that are miniature cheese graters, handy multi-tools, and even very thin cookies! 

Modern business cards that have a useful function are almost guaranteed not to be thrown out or recycled.

Cards That Think Outside the Rectangle

Who says business cards have to be straight-edged? Choose a geometric shape like a circle, triangle, or hexagon. Or go for maximum impact with scalloped edges, rounded corners, or a representative shape like a leaf, house, luggage tag, or camera. If you can use the shape of your cards to communicate your business or product, your branding gets a huge boost.

Cards That Are Fun to Fidget With

Make your card a miniature exercise in origami to really engage contacts and potential clients. Some modern business cards can be ripped, folded, and otherwise manipulated into a 3D design. Try printing your information onto a flexible, rubbery, or stretchy business card that will be impossible for people not to play with. 

Another clever approach involves a sliding design so that a message or image is revealed when the card is pulled from an outer envelope.

Laser Cut Business Cards

Laser cut cards can be made from paper, wood, or even metal. Whatever the material, these cards are bold and creative. One way to go is with an intricately cut design, but many laser cut cards are nothing more than the professional’s name or initials in block letters.

Cards with Illustrations or Photographs

Why not show off your work with your business card? This is particularly easy for photographers, illustrators, visual artists, and even models. Even professionals in other industries can use a photograph or a quirky illustration to make a visual impact. 

Hand-lettering and illustration are two of the top design trends in 2017, so you can make sure your modern business cards stand out from the pack by including these elements.

Ready to Get Started?

You might be thinking that some of these suggestions sound overly elaborate — and expensive. Consider splurging a bit on a business card, since it helps form that all-important first impression. 

Yet anyone can achieve great results, no matter their budget, by designing their own cards using templates and graphic design software.  

Need more inspiration? Contact us for expert help!

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