5 Reasons You Should Invest in Business Cards

reasons for business cards

In a generation where business is mostly done digitally – sending mail, attending meeting, and networking, there are still perks in doing business the old-fashioned way. Business cards are one old school business tool that will not be replaced by anything digital soon. Here are five signs or reasons you should start investing in business cards today.

First Impressions Last

First impressions will always matter when it comes to business. You will never know when you might meet a prospective client or make a new connection. Leaving a great impression will help your business immensely. A business card is more memorable and impactful than simply giving out your email address or phone number. Plus, handing a business card to a client is a great icebreaker and allows your conversation to go even further. Moreover, if your business card is unique in its design the chances of it attracting the receiver is doubled or even tripled!

Continuous Marketing

The moment you share your business card to one client, it does not stop from there. Most likely, your business card will continue to do the marketing for you! There is a significant chance your business card will be shared in other meetings and in various networking events. With a single effort you can spread your business to many others. Business cards are easier to share since it is compact and portable. It effortlessly explains your business to other people even without your help. A business card works by itself.

Intimate and Personal

When you are swapping information via email or text, it tends to be a bit impersonal. In business, networking must remain genuine as much as possible. You have to be present in person to show that you are interested and passionate about what you do. A personal conversation is much more appreciated and it is how real relationships begin. A business card levels up your game by showing how serious you are with your job.


Future clients are really careful and serious about protecting their business. A business card makes your business more trustworthy and credible in the market. A business with no visual identity will look suspicious to people compared to a business with clear branding. Certainly, a business with a professional identity on a business card gives more credibility and improves your position in the market.

Effective Marketing Tool

Much of business is conducted on the internet today. Even business networking can be easily done online, but there is nothing greater than a personal conversation sealed with a handshake and an exchange of business cards. Let’s face the fact that you will not be on the internet 24/7. Prospective clients will be in everywhere you go; trade shows, industry fair, luncheons etc. Your business card is a tried and true tool of the trade that will keep you from missing any business opportunities.

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