5 Ways to Use Profesional Business Cards to Boost Your Business

professional business cards

If you don’t have an easy way to give out your information, it might make or break a potential business deal. The right business card can help get your information into the right hands. Take your business to the next level by investing in unique business cards.

We have gathered why you can boost and grow your business with professional business cards.

Read on to learn more.

Sign of Preparedness

You don’t want to be the person who is running around to find a pencil and paper to write down your contact info to give out.

Having your business cards on hand and ready to give out shows that you are ready and prepared to make business connections.

This is a good sign of someone who is prepared and ready to make their business grow and is impressive to those who you want to connect with.

Makes Sharing Information Personal Again

While sharing contact information digitally is sometimes easier, it is less personal.

When you are networking, it is essential to make genuine connections. This can start by simply swapping information via professional business cards.

This helps keep the eye contact during the conversation instead of breaking the eye contact to stare at your phone to input information.

This way you can make a solid memory of the meeting situation that you can remember well into the future.

When you walk away from the conversation, you can then take the time to input the contact info into your device.

Professional Business Cards Are the First Impression of Your Business

You want to make a memorable first impression when you meet possible business connections

A well-designed professional business card establishes how you are presenting your brand and the most critical aspects of the business.

Think of your business card as an icebreaker.

Decide what is important to your brand and what will make a big impact on the receiver.

You might be surprised the doors that can be opened and where the conversation can go from a good-looking and creative business card.

More Unique = Increased Shareability

Interesting and unique business cards make people in the industry want to share your business message.

Here are ideas on how to make your business cards unique to your brand:

  • Include a QR code
  • A picture of yourself or the company
  • Use metallic ink
  • Cutouts or stenciling
  • Make the shape what you sell (i.e., skateboards or cheese)
  • Play with the thickness of the material
  • Print on non-traditional materials (i.e., wood or metal)
  • Engravings
  • Change the shape to a square or make a vertical rectangle

These innovative ideas will separate your business card from all the other business cards out there and definitely make a memorable impression on the person you give it to.

You don’t want your business card (and by default, business) to be easily forgettable by being basic.

Boost Your Business!

Business cards help grow your professional network and increase your brand potential and success.

Check out other printed projects and how they can also help your business thrive.

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