7 Brilliant Pamphlet Ideas to Inspire You

pamphlet ideas

Print advertising isn’t dead; its effectiveness still stands strong today, regardless of what the digital media world may be trying to tell us.

The effects of print include increased reach, more brain stimulation, and more.

Pamphlets are a great print advertising tool that puts your brand directly in your consumer’s hands — literally!

The best pamphlets are ones that entice, engage and educate your audience.

With so many prints out there, you may be running low on pamphlet ideas.

You’re in luck; we’ve put together seven brilliant pamphlet ideas to inspire you and your business.

Ready to take a look? Let’s dive right in!

1. Think Outside of the Box

A new trend among pamphlets is to stray away from the typical accordion-style product and reach toward something new.

One of our favorite ways to do this? By making a boxed pamphlet.

This type of pamphlet folds together to create a cube. By unfolding it, your consumer accesses all of your amazing content and information.

This idea is definitely one that will leave your mark on consumers!

2. Engage With Pop-ups

Popups are just for children’s books; they actually make for a great pamphlet idea!

Consumers will be impressed when they open your pamphlet to see an engaging pop-up right in the center of it.

Not sure exactly what to put on it?

A few good ideas for pop-ups include infographics, photos and more.

3. Incorporate a Beautiful Logo

If you know anything about branding, then you know that having a recognizable logo is a must. Logos are some of the first things a consumer thinks of when they hear your brand’s name.

Make sure your brand’s logo is one of the key components of your pamphlet idea. By putting it on the cover, consumer’s will have an unforgettable experience — and will think about your brand even after they’re done reading your pamphlet.

4. Go Horizontal

If you’re worried about how you’re going to make your pamphlet idea stand out above the rest, consider a horizontal design (rather than vertical).

By switching up the direction of the pamphlet’s layout, those reading your pamphlet will be surprised at the change. It’s good to switch things up every now and then!

5. Get Creative With Color

Another way to switch things up is by including color blocking.

Color blocking is a way to incorporate bright, vivid colors into your pamphlet idea without it appearing overdone.

By picking a few colors that compliment one another, your pamphlet will truly come to life.

6. Include Original Photos

Pamphlets these days are graphic artists’ forte. The pamphlet world seems to be overwrought with creative graphics and typography.

A good way to connect with your readers is to include original photos of actual human beings.

7. Keep Your Content Short and Sweet

Pamphlets are a way to present information to people in a way that is easy to digest.

That said, be sure to keep your content straight to the point.

Avoid long paragraphs of type; this can turn off readers right from the get go!

If you’re struggling to cut down on content length, consider implementing infographics instead.

Pamphlet Ideas Don’t Have to Be Complicated

Overall, pamphlets are a unique way to leave your mark on a consumer.

Your pamphlet doesn’t have to be over the top or hard to make, either; sometimes the shorter, the better.

If you’re looking for more ways to impress your customers, check out our blog or try out our services.

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