I wanted to drop a line to express how thankful our Production team – and all of us at PETA + the animals – are for the incredible service your print team gives us. Working with your people means one less project to stress over for our people. My team can trust that any job sent to Hackworth will be correct the first time. Thanks so much for the consistently outstanding, phenomenal service and value you bring to our organization. Like I said, y’all deserve all the awards. 🙂

Jaz ChavisPETA
Clementine ConeNorfolk State

I wanted to thank you for doing an excellent and timely job with the Basketball Slam programs. I also appreciate the financial assistance and hope to be able to work with you in the future.

I just want to let you know that our Tenant Handbooks look fabulous! Thank you so much for the excellent turn-around time and for working so closely with us! We look forward to doing much more business with Hackworth!

Karen WittsellGreenbrier Mall
Mikael RitterLiberty Baptist

I have no idea how often you hear this, but your installers are top notch. I love working with David; he gets what I'm trying to do right away. Your whole team's been awesome to work with ... Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone involved with the boards this week. Everyone at the City is very pleased with how they turned out. Thanks to Krissy K. for communicating with me. Until next project, many thanks.

Kevin BrookshireCity of Chesapeake
Patrice McleodS.B. Ballard

I really appreciate what you did, and the outstanding service that you provided our company.

My wish for Christmas is ---- More Customer Service People that work like Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne HinsleyClark Nexsen
Emily SmithRyan Homes

Thank you so much for getting us those plans last minute! Y’all are the best and we recommend you anytime we can!

We actually just had our first issue with the KIP. The cutter broke and I have to say, your service guys are fantastic. They responded inside of 6 business hours and had the problem fixed shortly thereafter. You guys are making me look good for choosing you.

Mike LamphierControls Corporation of America
Jerry FoleyEndurance IT Services

I would like to make sure that you are aware of the excellent customer service that I receive from Denise each and every time I use your services. I am a very small user and she treats me like your best client. Kudos to her customer service skills.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the great work and outstanding service you provide to us. We're starting a new renovation project and having you on our "team" is really helping me get off to a good start. Thanks again!

Tonia McNamaraLTD Hospitality Group
Stefanie LamayFestevents

I just wanted to drop a quick little note to again express how impressed I remain with you all over there at Hackworth. I cannot believe that an image I sent last night, after close of business, is already here in office, and looks phenomenal. We appreciate all that Hackworth continues to do for us, and for continuing to blow us away with the products we receive.

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to how you have handled our new practice!!! All of the Partners LOVE all of your work and are very happy to have open communication, fast turn around, quality and delivery ... We are all very pleased and hope to continue to use your cheerful and detail orientated services. Thank you for being truly the only vendor that has been 100% pleasant and helpful during this start up.

Janeda TestaFuller, Hadeed & Ros-Planas, PLLC
Kori NicholsRoof Services Corporation

Denise: I wanted to let you know that I handed out the numbering nightmare/laminate plans yesterday and everyone was pleased, so THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate all the help in the beginning with blowing up the layout, so we could number.

Scott Bodnar set up the plotters today. He did a great job. He’s very knowledgeable, efficient, and great at customer service. He’s very pleasant to work with.

Lawrence RoakesHanover Fire-EMS
Lizette DriscollSoutheastern Physical Therapy

Thank you for all you (Christie W.) did to go above and beyond to make sure we had our marketing folders for our scheduled event on February 27th. I understand how production can fall behind when Hampton Roads winter weather hits, I appreciate your dedication in providing us the folders in time, not only did you prepare the folders for us, but you also hand delivered them to Aaron at the venue of the event. I can’t thank you enough for continually keeping me in the loop and communicating with me throughout this process.

It has to be said that you have an awesome team. I vetted several companies during this process and Steve & Corey have answered every question and met every request promptly and honestly. It has been a pleasure to work with them during this (rather long) process. I appreciate their patience with us.

Cheryl M. Kleinholz Clark Nexsen
Melissa Cook Dominion Resources

We really appreciate you guys…..truly…its great being able to order supplies, call for service and call and get someone you know and trust vs. an 1-800 to no where land.

I have to sing a praise for Scott. He is here working on our KIP and noticed the HP T1300 was plotting our AutoCAD prints sideways. He pointed out that it was recognizing the paper width as 35.9”, and said that since we were sending 36” wide prints it was automatically rotating them because it didn’t think the paper was wide enough. He unloaded the paper, slid the roll over about 1/8”, and it seems to plot fine. Now that’s service!

Pam Wise Delta Airport Consultants
Kevin R. Du Bois Du Bois Photography

I recently came in with a minor, but complicated, print request. I know what I wanted was out of the ordinary and took some special effort and creativity to achieve. I want you to know that your staff, Christie Williams and Jennifer Ham in particular, were VERY patient with me and VERY kind and went the extra mile to make my little project a success. And it's getting noticed. I will continue to sing your business' praises and I hope it results in new customers for you. I will be one of your repeat customers. Anyway, these days when good service is hard to find, I wanted to let you know that yours is a shining example of how things should be. Thanks to Christie and Jennifer and the excellent business environment that you lead.

I ordered a printer from Steve Linton. He did an outstanding job helping me select the best model for my application. The printer arrived the 2nd day after the order - I was not expecting it for at least a week. Your company did a great job taking care of us and we certainly appreciate it.

Gilbert Turner Richmond Irrigation, LLC
Matt SkiljoVirginia Department
of Health

I received the signs ... and everything looks great. Thanks again for your help and for getting these done so quickly.

We received the printing order for the 50 laminated cards, delivered just before lunch, and they are perfect! Drew and the Hackworth team really stepped-up to the challenge, and truly “Raised the Bar” ... We know we have a first class “one-stop-shop” for all of our printing and graphic needs. We look forward to future projects with the great support of Hackworth.

Michael LongCox Communications