The Best Ideas For a Company Brochure Design

company brochure design

How many brochures do you get through the door? How many do you throw in the garbage?

A lot of company literature never gets read. People are busy, and they face so much junk mail in their lives. You need to work to engage them.

Effective company brochure design needs to be innovative and fun!

Try some of our inventive ideas below to rethink your brochures and engage your audience.

Create An Infographic

If the purpose of your brochure is to communicate a large amount of information all at once, why not try an infographic approach?

You can turn the entire brochure into one large, running infographic, or break down the individual pages as suits your data.

This approach to company brochure design has a few big advantages:

  • It’s eye-catching
  • You can get a lot of data across at once
  • It’s easy to read

It’s a great solution for when you have lots of data to communicate but are worried about your readers getting bored of it quickly.

Try Interactive Company Brochure Design

Why not try to actively engage your readers with your company brochure design?

There are many ways to do this, from the old-fashioned to the high-tech.

You could include puzzles, quizzes, or other games in your brochure. If it works for your company, you could even give readers a reason to take the brochure with them: for instance, a spotter’s guide challenge.

If you want something more modern, use the brochure to direct your readers to a website, especially one with a game or interactive data. This cross-medium approach is engaging, fun, and gives your readers a reason to hold on to your brochure.

Print advertising is still effective, but with digital marketing growing exponentially in recent years, it only makes sense to dovetail print and digital media.

Tell A Story

If you have a story you want to share, why not make that the focus of your company brochure design?

You can transform the brochure from a pamphlet of information to a miniature storybook. Consider approaching your story as if it were fiction. Build a real narrative, a journey the reader can follow.

The surprise and intrigue of a story engages readers. It gives them a reason to read the brochure all the way to the end to see the payoff, in much the same way a novel hooks us in.

Unlike a novel, you have the added advantage of imagery to accompany your text. Highlighting your story with engaging images makes it that much more effective.

Create A Journey

While we’re on the subject of narrative, try to create a sense of physical journey with your brochure design.

You can do this a few different ways, depending on the nature of your company. Break the subject of your brochure down into stages, as if someone is walking through the information. Each page of the brochure should be a new stage of the journey.

For instance, if you were advertising an exhibition, your first page could be about the main exhibition floor. What will you see there? Who can you meet?

You can then use the follow-up pages to talk about other halls and things to see.

These are just a few ideas (there are many more!) that you can use to get your audience reading your brochure.

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