5 Creative Elements of Modern Business Cards

modern business cards

Now that we do everything from reading our mail to watching television on smartphones, business cards may seem hopelessly dated. Why bother with pieces of paper when there are apps to organize all your contacts? For one thing, it’s easier. Fumbling with your phone and trying to open the right app invariably takes your attention away from […]

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How to Create a Manual for Your Business

how to create a manual

A helpful guide could be all it takes to make a person fall in love with a product. Your manual will serve as a go-to guide that walks the reader through a process and establishes standards. It’s a document people can pick up to answer any questions they have and then quickly move on to the […]

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7 Brilliant Pamphlet Ideas to Inspire You

pamphlet ideas

Print advertising isn’t dead; its effectiveness still stands strong today, regardless of what the digital media world may be trying to tell us. The effects of print include increased reach, more brain stimulation, and more. Pamphlets are a great print advertising tool that puts your brand directly in your consumer’s hands — literally! The best […]

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Here’s Why Print Advertising Is Still So Effective

effective advertising

So many of our day-to-day activities — shopping, banking, reading the news, connecting with friends and family, and even teaching ourselves a new hobby — take place online. So, you might think that the most effective advertising takes place there, too. However, you’d be wrong. The Neuroscience May Surprise You Studies into the neuroscience of recall, […]

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Which is Better: RGB or CMYK?

rgb or cmyk

There are a lot of things that come to mind when you’re getting ready to print something. But there’s one very important thing you have to consider: how do you want your colors to look? There are two types of color theory: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Figuring out […]

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