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Why Business Pamphlets Are Important In This Digital Age

A business pamphlet or brochure is tried and true printed marketing piece that has been used for hundreds of years. You may be wondering if the business world still needs something as old fashioned as a handout. With the omnipresence of the digital world around us one may question the importance of a traditional business pamphlet. Some companies may have already decided to move away from printed materials.  It may be in vogue to focus more on online advertising with websites or social media profiles, but even in this digital age, you could be missing out on opportunities to reach more customers.

Along with your business website, social networking and online advertising and marketing efforts, a business pamphlet is still an essential part of a marketing strategy.

Here is why business pamphlets still matter:

It is cost-effective.

Both at the production stage and the delivery stage, business pamphlets are more cost-effective than you think. It is fairly economical way to get your business name out especially when printed in bulk. The more you print at one time, the more you can save per brochure. Even though the prices will depend on your design, colors, and quality, having these materials in your marketing strategy makes it worth it.

While it may be necessary to implement online advertising, the objective of running a campaign is to get noticed digitally. If you want your business to be recognized more widely in the long-run, then you will want to use something like pamphlets. The alternatives are a much bigger investment. Other forms of advertising like billboards, newspaper ads and multi-media like radio or television can be 10 times more costly.

It gives a good and lasting impression.

Recent studies have shown that people tend to preserve more information when they read it on paper than on screen. Although we scroll through our social media feeds longer than we normally we should, we must take advantage of the fact that business pamphlets leave a lasting impression.

People are constantly exposed to the Internet. With your advertisements posted online, especially when it’s not designed properly, there is a good possibility customers are not paying attention. Banner blindness is a phenomenon that results in users unconsciously ignoring online advertising. However, a business pamphlet with a professional design and useful information included within it can be a successful marketing tool that is hard to ignore.

It can go anywhere.

Business brochures have a higher likelihood of traveling further and seeing more people than you will ever have the opportunity to. Printing them in bulk and distributing them in many places like business offices, train stations, waiting rooms, and even rest rooms, is a great way for you to reach thousands of people. Even though banners, posters, and billboards are effective as well, they won’t travel as much as your business brochures can. They can be spread out and passed on to. In that way, your business’s name will become more and more recognizable.

Here at Hackworth, we can help you design and print business pamphlets, brochures and more. We will work with you to find the right message and layout that conveys what your business is all about. Questions? You can leave your message or comment down below, or you can contact us today!

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