How a Flat Style Design Could be Just What You’re Looking For

flat style

Recent studies have shown that 68% of industry professionals think flat style is here to stay.

With an increased focused on simple, easy-to-read, and clean graphic design, could using this style be exactly what your company needs to get more customers?

Whether you want to update the look of printed materials or the design of your website, both are crucial parts of your branding.

Read on to find out why this is dominating 2017, and why it will stay on trend for years.

Wait, What Is Flat Style?

Instead of telling you what it is, it’s actually easier to tell you what it’s not.

Since it’s based in minimalism, it’s not skeuomorphic. This means that it’s not overly embellished, and it’s not supposed to look like anything out there in the real world. That means you won’t see life-like textures, excessive drop shadows, or reflections.

It’s also not 3-D. Flat style is all about two-dimensional shapes and letters – it doesn’t aim to create depth. Forget highlights and shadowing techniques.

Instead, this style focuses on usability and readability. This is great since research shows that visitors will quickly get off a site that’s not intuitive to use, making you fall in the rankings. People also want things that are easy to read!

Basically, these designs use bright but solid colors, bold fonts that aren’t overly flowery, and has a more minimalist vibe.

it’s all about de-cluttering the layout of your site.

To get a clearer idea of flat design, check out these examples.

What Are The Benefits Of Flat Style?

Flat style says you don’t need to rely on bells and whistles to make a sale. Instead, it suggests that users already know they specifically want to work with your brand – you’re not doing any selling here.

But that’s not the only benefit. This style can also convey your message faster, and make it stick.

This is because you’re not throwing tons of information out at once.

It also elevates your content and words. If you know writing is your strong suit, this design can direct user interest there right away.

It helps with branding typography. If your company has a specific font, this is the best way to help it stick in customers’ heads.

More Great Things About Flat Style

This design creates a hierarchy of information. Since your design is flat, where you place certain links and images on your pages and signs will help users more clearly determine what’s important.

We love that it’s compatible on both web and mobile platforms. This is because it’s easier to rearrange and resize depending on the device.

It’s also flexible.

Now, you don’t have to cram your content into a pre-arranged layout. Instead, you can focus on how to best show off your content on your own terms. This is especially helpful in promotional materials, where space is limited.

Finally, it makes your buttons and contact information look cleaner. Instead of a jumbled mess at the bottom of your web page or sign, a flat look can help things look crisp and well organized.

The World Is Flat

At least, the world of the gorgeous print and web design trend-of-the-moment is.

If you feel like your website or your promotional materials look cluttered, or that readers aren’t seeing the information you want them to, it’s time to flatten things down.

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