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How to Make an Effective Point-of-Sale Sign

The key to a successful business is an effective marketing strategy.  A great strategy will do the job in making potential customers into actual customers. An example of a marketing device that is capable of doing that is point-of-sale displays. Also known as point-of-purchase or POP displays, they are a popular way to promote products at retail shops. However, no matter how good you think your product is, with a terrible and ineffective POP display, your business can suffer. It is not unusual for an average product to gain much attention due to an effective POP display.

Here are 4 tips for you to achieve an effective point-of-sale sign:

Do not be afraid to go bold.

A point-of-sale sign that does not stop people in their tracks is not a point-of-sale sign at all. Be bold in designing your POP sign so that it actually makes people who walk pass by it stop and read. Make people read or notice your POP signs when they’re waiting for the bus or a cab. Don’t create signs that are so boring that people prefer not to look at them even when it’s standing right in front of them.

Be bold with your designs and colors. These are important elements if you want to attract the eyes of your customers. Play with vibrant, contrasting combinations, and never forget to use the psychology of colors! Additionally, with the use of unique large compelling fonts, your POP sign will absolutely stand out.

Display the benefits.

Before getting involved with something, particularly in a business, most people usually ask what’s in it for them. Tell them straightforward what they will receive from purchasing your product. The area that presents the benefits in your POP sign is what usually people focus on. These benefits create desire – the desire to purchase your product. Go into the specifics. What creates desire for your potential customers is the effect of your product. If you’re selling food, state what nutrients are included while they also enjoy the great taste. If you’re selling skin care products, show them how quickly the product will work in giving good results.

Keep it minimal when explaining your product.

Most people get overwhelmed, confused, or overwhelmingly confused when signs display too much information. It’s too much to take in in just one sitting. You have to make sure the POP sign only shows what’s important about your product or your company to add value and keep the potential customer reading. It is important to be concise in explaining how your product works. Consumers like to know the most important information. It’s what makes a good selling.

Go interactive.

An interactive display can be even more effective in reaching potential customers. Other than keeping people coming up to your POP signs, it is also very practical. With everyone having their own smartphones these days, POP displays have started to incorporate QR codes. If a customer scans the code on their phones, special discounts can be offered or and additional information related to the product.

If you have your own ideas about designing point-of-sale signs, we can help you in making those ideas turn into reality! With our professional graphic designers, here at Hackworth, we will help you reach the best marketing tools that will ultimately result in the success of your business! Contact us today for more information.

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