HP PageWide XL 4000

Do the work of two printers with one—faster and lower cost than LED

Elevate your on-the-job productivity

The HP PageWide XL 4500Printer series consolidates monochrome and color printing, as well as print/scan/copy in a single device. Fast, quality document production keeps the focus on moving projects forward.

Monochrome and color, faster than LED

  • Move projects forward—up to 9 D pgs/min monochrome and color, quick 30-second first page out
  • Print, scan, copy in a single device—integrated 1200 dpi scanner with advanced and convenient workflows
  • It’s simple—a single, easy-to-use device that meets all your printing and scanning needs
  • Focus on your project, not the printer—up to 4 rolls with 100-page integrated top stacker

Better document quality vs LED,lower cost

  • Run at lower costs than low-volume LED—in monochrome and color
  • Produce excellent technical documents—crisp lines, fine detail, smooth gray scalesthat beat LED
  • HP PageWide XL pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid colors, moisture/fade resistance—even on uncoated bond
  • Use half the energy per page compared to equivalent LED printers

Help meet tough IT, reliability standards

  • Protect and manage confidential jobs more securely—retrieve documents atthe printer with a PIN
  • Help safeguard confidential information using a self-encrypting HDD with AES-256,Secure Disk Erase and IPSec
  • Reduce time and costs of managing individual drivers by using HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver
  • Rely on proven HP PageWide Technology for dependable production printing

Boost your productivity

The HP PageWide XL 4500 Printer series is designed to boost your productivity, whether you’re printing a large project or a short job.

  • With no warm-up time and ultra-fast processing, the HP PageWide XL 4500 Printer series can finish printing most jobs by the time other devices are still getting ready to print the first page
  • With a print speed up to 12 D/A1 pages per minute in both monochrome and color, dealing with peaks and printing large projects is no longer a hassle

Set a new quality standard for your technical documents

HP 841 PageWide XL Printheads, working with HP PageWide XL pigment ink, are designed to produce high-quality output with dark blacks, neutral grays, and vivid colors that are moisture and fade resistant. Accurate and reliable dot placement result in crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth gray scales. HPPageWide XL printers do not apply heat to the paper as part of the printing process, enabling very high levels of length accuracy.

Save space, reduce complexity

The HP PageWide XL 4500 Printer series can do the job of two printers—faster and at lower operating costs than LED. With a single device, you can save space and reduce complexity—you now have one less printer to manage on the network, and you no longer need to manage two sets of printing supplies.