Authorized HP & Dell Computer Hardware Dealers

Hackworth is an authorized dealer for HP & Dell computer hardware. If your business needs anything from a tablet to a server, we can help get the right tools into your hands for you to be productive and successful.

Laptops & Tablets

Select from a wide range of tablets and laptops that provide powerful computing for your particular needs, along with robust workstation applications and vital security. Our solutions also have the ability to replace your desktops. Equipped with sophisticated and powerful HP and Dell computer hardware and sporting large HD screens, these computers allow you to be in control and stay connected. Our select computer systems are available with Intel®CoreTM Processors.

Desktops & All-in-Ones

With these machines, you can now streamline your enterprise computing and de-clutter your work environment. Tried and tested technology will enable you to enhance your productivity and performance. Desktop machines are specially designed to cater to the needs of small businesses as you can implement the latest technology into your business at economical prices.


Workstations are the fastest and most reliable computers available today. The workstation is custom-built to cater to the needs of professionals who have to work with complex and huge data sets such as complicated 3D models. To be able to meet your workplace needs, you need performance that offers a workstation-level functioning.


Our fully adjustable and energy conscious HD monitors provide your team with an environment that helps boost performance and productivity. Now your staff can get through long hours without feeling any discomfort with our quality solutions and comfortable monitors at extremely affordable prices.

Printers & Multi-Function Printers

Whether it is a black & white printer, color, inkjet, laser or Multi-Function Printers, whatever your business need are, we have a solution for you. Furthermore, we also provide aWi-Fi printing solution that enables multiple users to share a single printer on a wireless network. Thanks to our solutions, every computer on the WiFi network will be able to use a single printer without ever having to connect through Ethernet or USB cables.

Scanners & Fax

Although we have come a long way in communication with the advent of Internet and email, we do need to send out images and documents through fax or scan them occasionally. Hackworth can equip your business with solutions that will enable you to send documents, photos, and other images over a fax as well as have them shared through a scanner.

Servers & Blades

It is extremely vital for your business success to be able to have your workforce collaborate and share your business intelligence. Dell computer hardware and servers can deliver a business-ready infrastructure that would empower your business to get more done in less time, and with fewer overheads. Now you can enjoy a great workstation experience coupled with outstanding graphic capabilities through a small device footprint with the help of Blades.

Switches & Routers

Being one of the top computer hardware dealers, we can provide a complete line of products that offer guaranteed performance and reliability coupled with comprehensive features to help maximize your return on IT. What’s the difference between a switch and a router? Find out on our Blog.