At Last – Proof That Print Collateral Is Not Dead

print collateral

The time of death on print collateral as a viable marketing tool is greatly premature.

Everyone is putting their money into digital these days and wondering if they need to focus more on SEO or PPC. And that’s exactly why you’re still going to invest in print.

Not sold? It can take some convincing to get you to zag while everyone else zigs. Let’s discuss why print is still very much alive.

Millennials Actually Love Print

That tech-savvy and tech-fickle generation we’re constantly trying to figure out is surprisingly a big fan of print.

This is the generation that has been bombarded with every type of digital ad possible. They can hit “Skip Ad” on YouTube or X-close a pop-up window at nearly precognitive levels.

But something printed is novel to them. It’s there, it’s tangible and they can hold it in their hands. Millennials are far more likely to give a postcard or brochure a full read than their older counterparts.

Millennials actually love public libraries and also love catalogs — two things that were taken for granted and blown off by jaded Generation X.

Inboxes are Overflowing, but Mailboxes are Ripe

It may also surprise you to know that advertisers who invest in good old-fashioned direct mail are seeing the best return on investment they’ve seen in years.

As we said, people are going all in on digital these days. The only print collateral in people’s actual mailboxes are pizza flyers and bills. The opportunity to stand out there is huge.

Direct mail isn’t dead. But it almost died and fooled a lot of people into thinking it was gone. That’s why the people who know better are seeing some great results.

Print Collateral and Digital Can Work Together Beautifully

You now have an unprecedented number of tools to track the success of a print campaign and marry it to your online efforts. But sadly, too many businesses treat them as separate identities.

Let’s say your business is offering free iPads to new sign-ups. First, you will want to design a professional and impactful printed postcard to spread the word of this amazing promotion.

Next, you will want to create a simple URL for this promotion. This can be something crazy-simple like You want the customer to be able to type it in without messing it up, or even remember it without having the card.

Now, set up a dedicated landing page for this promotion. Never send traffic from a printed material to an existing product or service page. Most people do.

You want to avoid this because:

1. Said service page may make no mention of the free iPad, which will cause people to think they’re in the wrong place

2. The look and feel of this landing page needs to closely mirror the branding on the card, or again, people may think they’re in the wrong place.

3. You won’t be able to differentiate the traffic from your card from the day-to-day traffic. You can only assume an uptick means it’s working.

Now you have your digital and your print playing off each other perfectly, and you will convert far more leads.

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