How to Use Print Marketing Materials for More Effective Email Marketing

print marketing materials

We live in a society in which everything is digital and print material is virtually obsolete.


Don’t believe the hype, because this couldn’t be further from the truth — especially in the world of marketing.

The use of print marketing materials is alive and well. This isn’t just a matter of old habits dying hard — print marketing is flat out effective.

To be sure that you’re able to understand the value of print marketing and use it through the course of your business, read on and look into these tips.

Use Print Marketing Materials To Grow Your Social Media

Your social media presence will win big when you start to cross-pollinate between print marketing materials and digital marketing practices.

People are overburdened by digital clutter now, to the point that they’re far more open than before to print marketing. You can create some handouts that will have a monumental effect on people who receive them.

Giving handouts that feature your social media contact info will help you to get your followers up and better reach your public. Tangible materials still carry a certain amount of weight and make people feel special when they receive them.

However, you will need to put some diligence into the design of the handout. Working with a shop that provides high quality, full-color handouts will definitely be worth your money.

Mix Technology With Print Marketing To Save Costs

Technology has ironically made it easier to get print materials out to the public.

You can save a tremendous amount of money on your printing costs by embracing the cloud. For instance, if your company has a presence all over the country, you can create a digital print job and then send the files to a print shop in another state to handle the physical work.

This way, you’re saving an incredible amount of money and only printing what you need. Using this method gives you plenty of time to test out your marketing in advance before wasting money on unsuccessful print jobs.

Incorporate Barcodes For Easy Content Sharing

You will need to be strategic when it comes to the types of print marketing materials that you create.

One of the best things that people do is include barcode technology into the printout, in order to get people to lock in contact info, subscribe to social media or follow podcasts or YouTube channels.

This makes it much easier to exchange information since many mobile devices make use of barcode technology so that the transfer is seamless.

Work With A Top Quality Print Shop

We’ve got your back when you need top-quality print work.

Whether you need brochures, manuals, business cards, flyers or handouts, no task is too big or too small for our shop.

We’re based out of the Chesapeake area and provide great print work for the entire Hampton Roads area. Many businesses rely on us for this work, and we would be glad to hear from you.

Contact us to learn more about the work we provide.

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