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Why We Love Business Posters (And Maybe You Should Too!)

Posters used for advertising and marketing are a cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. A business poster is versatile and has the ability to stick in the minds of the customers about a specific business event or remind them of a product or offer. It can serve a more permanent way of reaching to a broader audience than what smaller print media like flyers, and brochures can do. Whether your business is small or big, here are some reasons why you should also love business posters.

24/7 Exposure

Unlike other form of print media advertising, a business poster has a 24/7 easy accessibility and can stay up to days, weeks, months, even years if put in the right circumstances. A flyer can be easily thrown into the trash rendering it useless. A business poster however, once put up in a wall, will stay there and continues to do its purpose in communicating information to passersby. Moreover, a business poster is always available at any time and at any day. You do not need a person to explain a poster to a potential customer for it can do it by itself. Whether it is 12:00 midnight or 6:00 in the morning, a business poster does not stop working.

Cheap, Yet Effective

Probably the most cost-effective way of all the print media advertising options, a business poster is a must try if you want to market your business effectively without that huge bill. This works well for those who are just starting in business since it only takes a few dollars to produce a business poster and you can have a volunteer or an employee hang them up for you with no additional costs. Print advertisement in magazines roughly cost up to $20,000 per ads since you are renting from that magazine. Even a large, high quality business poster will cost less than the average cost of a print advertisement.

Direct Communication

A business poster will communicate information from your business to potential customers. This would seem like the business poster is doing all the talking for you anytime. Direct communication through a business poster since it allows the people to have an active engagement with your poster. Wherever they may be, whether on the bus stop, a nightclub, or on a lamp post, customers are most likely to notice a poster out of chance or sheer curiosity so having that instant connection between the business poster and the customer helps in promoting your business.


As much as you need to captivate an audience with your poster, it also helps in branding your business in general. Branding your business helps you since there are a variety of the same businesses nowadays and staying in front of them and creating an attitude promotes your business even further. Your business poster, if designed effectively can help you in creating a brand that will elevate your business from the rest of the market.

For more help with business posters, contact us at 757-545-7675. We have a team of graphic designers ready to help you with everything from concept to print.

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