10 Business Flyer Designs that Will Catch Every Eye

10 Business Flyer Designs that Will Catch Every Eye

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Handing out a business flyer may seem a little old fashioned, but the fact of the matter is that they are still a viable kind of advertisement. Especially for startup businesses that might not have an overly large budget to work with.

A good flyer design can make a positive impact to new potential customers while getting your brand out to a wider audience at the same time. They say it’s the digital age, but printed advertising is still effective!

The possibilities of a flyer’s design are limitless. They can happy or sad, colorful or monochromatic. Some will use big font and others will tell an entire story on a single page.

Today we’ll go through ten kinds of designs that are certain to make a positive statement for your business.

1. Simplistic

Sometimes less is more, and that can definitely be true when it comes to a business flyer.

A simplistic design can really send a message home by not putting too many details and leaving the focus on the words themselves. It can appear to be both elegant and clean, as well as sophisticated. 

2. Detailed

On the opposite spectrum, including a lot of details to your design can really draw the eye. It can be beautiful and intricate at the same time, making viewers want to take a closer look.

3. Seasonal

Changing up the style of your flyer to suit the season or a current holiday is a sure method to keep your branding fresh. Decorate your flyer with some snowflakes or bright petals to showcase the beauty of the seasons while advertising your products that are right for every season!

4. Shapes

Making use of shapes is a great way to draw the eye of a potential customer. Have fun with a bunch of circles, or pile up some triangles. Make a pentagon shape with your paper instead of the normal rectangular shape.

Mixing and matching different shapes can be a good way to give off a feeling of fun and happiness.

5. Photographic

Using high-quality photographs can really bring out the beauty to your business flyer. It can make your customers feel like they are getting a postcard with a great picture on the front rather than just a regular flyer.

6. Artistic

Similarly, putting a beautiful art piece in the center of your flyer could feel like receiving a print of some great painting. It can really spice up the way your advertisement is received.

7. Handcrafted

Making things from scratch and getting back to our roots is an incredibly popular style right now. A lot of handcrafted papers have a special kind of rough and homey feel to them. It’s also environmentally friendly, which is sure to make eco-friendly customers much happier.

Using a hand-drawn font will give this homemade feel an extra boost of creativity.

8. Minimalist

A sleek choice that can seem like the simplistic style at first, but is actually different in its approach. A minimalist design is where you only have 1 or 2 elements on the page, bringing bigger emphasis to them. Simplistic, on the other hand, can have multiple elements that don’t have too many details but still include more on the page than a simplistic one!

9. Symmetric

There is great beauty in symmetry. We can find it all over in nature, and it’s a great means of inspiration for creating a flyer, too.

Having the design be symmetrical with itself can lead a viewer to feel balanced and at ease.

10. Die-cut

Die-cut flyers are where you take a relevant shape and use that as your flyer instead of just a regular rectangle. For example, if you are advertising for a brand of dog treats, perhaps your flyer could be in that typical bone shape that is so well-known for dog treats. Alternatively, you could chose to use the shape of a dog instead.

A Good Business Flyer Begins With Creativity

Having fun with the design is the best way to make it a great one. A flyer is still an effective way to advertise for your business, so make sure to use it to your best advantage.

Do you need some guidance? Let us know! We’d love to help you. 

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