3 Print Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses

3 Effective Print Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses

print advertising techniques

print advertising techniquesIt’s a common misconception that print advertising is dead. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, print advertising is more effective than ever. 56% of customers agree that print marketing is more trustworthy than online advertisements. An even more staggering 8 out of 10 adults took action after seeing a newspaper ad in the last 30 days.

Print ads still resonate with consumers amid the constant noise of online advertisements. These advertising mediums may cost more, but it’s clear that there is more value in these types of ads.

For small businesses, print advertising is the only way to reach their potential customers reliably. Use these print advertising techniques to get the most out of your advertising budget and turn readers into customers.

Direct Mail Advertising

When comparing direct mail advertising to email advertising, there is one clear winner. Emails get cluttered and deleted all the time. Mailing a brochure ensures that your potential customer will see your ad at the very least.

In fact, 73% of American customers prefer to get their ads in the mail rather than online. They can view the ad on their own time, so they’re more likely to give your company a chance.

Direct mail is still one of the most effective print advertising techniques available to small businesses. Most people look through their mail every day. They’re more likely to read an ad that comes in the mail because it feels more personalized than a simple email blast.

Creative Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most personalized forms of print advertising, especially for B2B companies. Printing an employee’s name on a card isn’t going to stand out from the pack, though.

Make sure your business card doesn’t get stuck in a pile or thrown away with the rest of the cards. Make your cards unique by including interesting graphics, odd shapes, or even magnetizing the card to heighten the chance a potential client will stick it on their fridge.

Target Your Audience

If you want any of your print advertising techniques to succeed, you need to know who is reading your ads. Small businesses need to spend their smaller advertising budget on a more specific audience to get a return on their investment.

Create a customer profile, then advertise in magazines and newspapers that these people read. Mail pamphlets or coupons to potential customers who used similar services or bought similar products.

For a print advertising campaign, you need to target the right audience, so you don’t waste your money. Print ads are still more effective than online ads for small businesses, but they won’t be if you don’t target them correctly.

Print Advertising Techniques

Online ads are great in some circumstances, but most of the time a print ad will engage customers at a larger rate.

Use these tactics to make the most out of your advertising dollar using the print medium. Newspaper, magazine, and direct mail advertisements may not get the same number of eyeballs as an online ad, but they’re more effective at driving customers to a particular company.

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