4 Tips on Designing Custom Decals For Your Business

4 Brilliant Tips on Designing Custom Decals For Your Business

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There’s a window of opportunity out there to promote your business and make it stand out. Signage, in general, is responsible for half of all new business for brick and mortar stores. Custom decals can give your business that ‘pop’ it’s been missing.

One underestimated perk of having decals instead of traditional signs or mesh ones is that they draw the eyes into the store itself. Directing eyes inside makes it all the more tempting for customers to step foot inside.

Whatever your plans are for using decals, you should practice great design and execution. Here are a few ways that these decals can become a great advantage.

Flesh Out Your Brand

Custom decals and stickers are great for expression for the company. You can use them to say and explain things in plain English. Sure, a regular sign can send a message, but customers actually want to read decal prints because they stand out.

More Potential for Ad Space

Decals are not only great for your own storefront, they’re also great for just about any creative form of advertising. For example, you can make decals to go on bumpers, decal stickers for laptops, envelops, and more. Paired with some strong graphic designs, customers and non-customers alike will use your decals with pleasure!

Clear, Strong Text

High contrast text and graphics should be a priority in your decals. Legibility should always be chosen over the coolness-factor. Nothing fancy is really necessary for fonts, just keep it simple. Remember, this isn’t a billboard or a mural, but more of a tag or sticker.

Your message and/or graphics should be just as clear at five-feet tall as it is on a postcard. If you’re lost for ideas, research some basic signage design principles online. These are time-tested advertising ideas that never expire.

Portable Advertising

Your decals can quickly reach tons of new customers if you create small stickers and address labels. Personalize your communications by putting your brand’s address label on it. More people will become familiar with our business as letters exchange hands.

Decals can become business cards in a similar fashion. Put your basic info down on the back of a decal sticker or crafted into your logo. Order a whole bunch of them and pass them out at public events, bars, campuses, or wherever your demographic can be found.

Take things a step further, if you’re already an established business, and sell them online or at the store for a few bucks. People love stickers and your advertising budget just got bigger!

Ordering Custom Decals

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of just how valuable a few stickers can be on the window or on your desk, it’s time to start creating! Start brainstorming for ways to best incorporate your brand into a decal.

If you need any help with planning, prepping, or printing out your decals, feel free to contact us with any questions. Our expert graphic designers and branding gurus can take a look at what you have and help get your business noticed!

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