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4 Reasons to Use Window Decals in Your Store

By Hackworth

September 4, 2018

4 Reasons to Use Window Decals in Your Store

Shops that are dull and unimaginative can easily go unnoticed on a busy street.  The key is to stand out to the crowds amongst conspicuously designed stores. Don’t be a store that customers say, “I never even knew this shop existed!”

This is where signage comes in. Signage is an important element of your marketing mix. It is one of the most effective traditional marketing tools that offer many different benefits to your business. There are numerous signs that can be used in advertising but one of the most underutilized types is a window decal (also known as window graphics). Window decals are a great way to attract attention and potential customers. With the right graphics, your brand will can be reinforced, your products promoted and your business will thrive.

Here are four reasons to print and install window decals or graphics in your stores:

They are affordable advertising tools.

What makes window decals a great choice for business is that they can be used to advertise while also being inexpensive at the same time. With your window graphics on the storefront, you are able to get your brand’s message across to many people. This is a creative and innovative method of advertising as it uses space that can be otherwise overlooked. Also, having window decals will require no city permits which means there will be no additional costs to install.

They increase brand awareness.

This is particularly important when starting and growing a business. Having window decals as part of your promotional marketing mix will help reinforce your brand to those that frequent the area. These graphics catch the attention of potential customers that may actually be passing by to visit another store. Not only can you promote your company name and logo but you can also highlight specials and new product promotions. It is an excellent way to inform the public of the latest things happening with your business.

They are removable.

The ability to remove the window graphics makes them unique compared to many other marketing tools. Unlike paint that needs to be scrapped off every time you want a fresher and more updated look or design, you window decals can be removed with ease. With different offers every season, it will be an efficient way for you to update your storefront!

They block the sun.

Here’s a practical use! Instead of simply have shades or blinds you can get creative with widow graphics. Shading the windows with graphics can protect from fading products and the interior as well as control the temperature of your store. Its creative communication and practical application in one!

All of these benefits help your business attract more new customers every day. Here at Hackworth, we provide many sign products like window decals, floor graphics, and much more. Let us know how we can help improve your storefront. For questions or comments, submit your message below or you can contact us today!


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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer in Chesapeake, VA. Under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is now a full-fledged graphics, printing and technology company serving the Mid-Atlantic.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that window decals are an affordable way to advertise since you already have access to the space and do not have to acquire a permit. My sister and I opened a boutique together about 3 months ago, and we have been trying to think of ways to catch the attention of local shoppers. Window graphics seem like a great place to start since they are so accessible and cost-effective.

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