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5 Data Management Tips to Help Your Business

Data ManagementData management is a crucial and integral process for any business. Most businesses do not have a well crafted data management strategy and that is why consequential problems can arise. To ensure that data is managed well, stored properly and secured, every company needs to have a properly evaluated and assessed data management strategy. It is a common perception that data management is about storing all your data and having data backup systems but in reality data management goes far beyond these two basics.

1. Keep Your Data Organized

The first step to effective data management is to keep it organized. Many companies simply dump data in storage spaces, data centers or in folders which can quickly get unorganized. Dealing with a mismanaged or unmanaged database can be troublesome, time consuming and a very tedious exercise when one has to access such data. Organizing data starts with very basic practices. When you name the files or folders of data, have a system in place. Some companies always name them in one word, in lower case without any spaces. Some companies use block characters and also use spaces to segregate different words while naming the files. Both are acceptable systems provided the company has uniformity across the board. Having two naming systems or more can be confusing and will not help to have efficient data management. Likewise, similar files or data should be stored in specific folders or places and there should be a system of storing different types of data in accordance to that.

2. Ensure Security at Various Levels

There is a need to have multi-tier security in data management. One has to ensure physical security of the database or datacenter so that not everyone can access it physically. There has to be sturdy network security and the systems used to store the data should also be robustly secured against any ingrown or external threats in any form.

3. Take Regular Backup

Data backup is crucial to any data management strategy. Regular backup is mandatory. How the data is backed up is also important. If data is lost, how easy is it to restore so that the business is operational? Tape backup is notorious for its arduous restore process. The latest backup and recovery operations available make this process much easier.

4. Make Data Accessible

While data should be kept secured, making the required data easily accessible is also an integral part of data management. The main database may remain inaccessible but the data that is required every now and then should be at the disposal of the employees or the concerned staffs.

5. Have a Core Data Management Team

Every company should have a very small, core data management team. Too many people involved with the process will make it complicated, perplexing and also less secured. If there are processes that are beyond the business’s skill level then this may require working with outside companies prepared to help with the management of the data.

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