5 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know

5 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know for Your Business

graphic design trends

It takes only seconds for people to form an opinion of a website based on what they see. If your business is not competitive with both print and online content, you may run into issues.

Check out the below top five graphic design trends to ensure your business gets noticed for the right reasons!

1. Minimalism

Depending on your specific business’s branding, going for the minimal look may be appropriate. This type of design leads customers to feel soothed.

Simple, clean lines create calming vibes. Lots of open space, one or two colors, and simple functionality are the epitome of minimal design. Minimalist designs frequently rely on the color of green. Green is symbolic of nature, which is shown to soothe the human mind and lead to better health and happiness.

Other colors in line with the minimalist design trend include brick red, charcoal gray, shades of brown, maroon brown, and khaki.

2. Be Bold and Get Noticed

If a minimalist design does not suit your business, go in the opposite direction!

Using bold colors and bold graphic images are a great option to get noticed. Many brands find success using this trend to attract younger demographics. Choosing colors should be one of the first steps when planning the visual branding for your business.

Instead of safe colors like black, white, and gray, many companies have switched to loud colors such as magenta and chartreuse!

Try color printing signs or business flyers to bring people in your doors!

3. Typography – One of the Biggest Graphic Design Trends

Typography is a basic design element. Picking the correct font or fonts ensures that your content is interesting to consumers.

Using more than one font keeps the reader’s attention for longer periods of time. Using handwritten fonts and mixing more than one font are two huge trends right now.

Typography is also key to ensure your content can be read and easily understood.

4. Illustrations

Hand-drawn images replacing stock images is very popular among the current graphic design trends. Many businesses have icons for websites drawn by hand. Logos on business cards frequent have the classic illustrator feel.

Using customized, hand-drawn images creates a distinct business identity. These images also come with no worries about copyright issues.

5. Vintage

The past never really goes away. Vintage and retro make the list of top graphic design trends.

80’s inspired neon colors have been appearing on products from grocery stores to clothing boutiques. Using the nostalgia of an era is a sure way to get your business noticed.

Retro inspired patterns are also popular right now. So-called ‘modern retro’ takes inspiration from past days and breathes new life into products.

Geometric patterns and pixelated typeface and images pop up everywhere you look. Colorful triangles can create visual interest.

Choose one of these top graphic design trends to bring life and excitement to your business. Keep exploring until you find the perfect mixture of design elements to represent you and your business brand.

Do you have more graphic design trend predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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