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5 Small Business Print Marketing Tips for the Holidays

By Hackworth

November 14, 2020

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5 Small Business Print Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost here and needless to say, the holidays are the best time of the year for business owners everywhere to improve and widen their reach as well as boost their sales. One of the best ways to reach out to more people, especially your target audience is by making use of various holiday marketing options. One of the most important channels being print as its return on investment is up to 13:1, which is huge!

To that end, we have compiled a list of 5 print marketing tips for the holiday season, to make sure you enjoy a very lucrative end to your business year. There are plenty of marketing strategies you can make use of during the holidays. Here we go!

1. Organize a Special Event for Your Target Audience and Send them Personalized Invites

Depending on your field of work, inviting people, especially your target audience to a special holiday event to showcase a new product could be a great way to boost your sales, spread the word about your brand, and build your reputation as a company. And what better way to invite your customers to this event than by sending them personalized print invites!

2. Make Sure You Include a Special Offer for First-Time Customers

More often than not, approximately half of your target audience will try out a new product or service, because of a print ad sent to them in the mail. This is why the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce special offers for first time customers to draw them in.

3. Have Clarity Regarding the Different Kinds of Print Material You Would Like to Distribute

It is crucial that you know and have clarity regarding the kinds of print material that you would like to distribute among potential customers. Some of the most preferred print materials for advertisement are door hangers, catalogs, brochures, inserts, postcards, and booklets.

Print marketing is regarded as one of the best means to bring in customers and it’s still the cheapest. The most overlooked advantage is that print marketing creates digital traffic and interaction between potential clients and your website.

4. Personalized Communication with Your Loyal Customer Base

The aim of marketing is to keep your loyal customers happy while drawing in new customers. The best way to communicate with your loyal customers is by making them feel special by sending personalized notes and customized cards. The key to an effective customized self-service experience lies in planning and organizing your potential content.

Always analyze your previous support requests and interview your agents to determine the most important topics to cover.

Whether your small business is in the physical or digital world, personalized customer service is about tailoring the experience to the needs of the individual client and decreasing the effort on their side.

5. Advertise in a Manner that Appeals to and Draws in Last Minute Shoppers

Last-Minute Shoppers are something that a lot of brands neglect to tap into, which is a huge mistake, as they contribute to more than a quarter of the holiday sales. The best way to get their attention and draw them in is by advertising your product with catchy taglines such as “for the one who already has everything they need” or “the best gift”, etc.

It is also crucial to have flawless customer service during the period after running your deal, with the expectation that your normal customers will be hard to please. Always do your homework. Follow the deals going on in your area and observe how they play out. If it’s possible, converse with fellow business owners who have run successful deals and learn from their experience.

Are you looking to create holiday print material to advertise your product or service? Well, look no further because Hackworth has got everything you want and then some. We are a State-Certified Small Business and provide a wide range of marketing and printing services, document management solutions as well as wide format digital imaging and printing systems and supplies.

Reach out to us today. We are committed to providing excellence in our business solutions!


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