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7 Reasons Your Website Needs a Redesign in 2021

By Hackworth

December 15, 2020

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Two decades into the golden age of technology and information, we are all aware that the internet is one of the best means of marketing. Websites have now been the primary source of such marketing activities over all this time. Whenever we want to know more about a business or a brand, the first thing we do is go and check out the website of the same.

In today’s market, we recommend that whether you are just starting out or already have a successful company, you must invest in your company’s website. If you already have a website, then maybe 2021 is the year for revamping it. At the end of the day, the focus of a good website is about engagement, functionality and a design that contributes towards the ultimate goal of your business growth.

If you want to learn more about the same, keep reading! Make sure that you go through each one of them and see whether a redesign for your website is in order.

1. Make it in line with a clear and proper marketing strategy

When designing a website, always keep in mind the strategy for marketing that you want. It is important that your design reflects the same.  If it isn’t already, it’s time for a redesign.

2. Make sure that it generates leads and inquiries

The most important purpose of your website is to generate leads and inquiries. If it fails to do so, you are in dire need of revamping your website.

3. Make it more user-friendly

The fact is, 88% of users turn away from a business when they find their website to be tough to understand or handle. Today in the world of thousands of websites, to set yourself apart, we recommend that you design a user-friendly website. In order to make sure that people are apprised of the services or products you provide, you must invest in redesigning your website to make it more user friendly.

4. Make sure it is listed on Google

For a local business that is not listed on Google search, things can get pretty tough. Make sure that your website is listed online in order to generate better and effective leads. Good quality content is only going to work if people are able to view it. Hence, a well-optimized website is necessary.

5. Make it 100% mobile-friendly

You need to make sure that your website is compatible with various screen sizes. In case you fail to do this, the same may become unresponsive when opened on mobile phones or tablets. You must simplify your website so that it’s easy to post new content. Your job does not end with just designing and publishing your website, it is a continuous process that requires your attention.

6. Make it extraordinary

Your website should be extraordinary. How do you make it extraordinary? Well, the first step is to make sure that you curate it in a way that reflects your ideology best. Never copy from other websites. Don’t go for stock photos and invest in adding original images to your website, if you can. Originality always is a great way to make things extraordinary.

7. Make it an apt fit for your brand

A website must be a good fit for your brand image. Choose the right kind of color scheme and various other designing aspects that reflect the brand you own!

Never hesitate to introduce changes to your website even if it means investing more money because the result is going to be absolutely worth it. You can redesign your business website to increase functionality, update tools, or create a new design from scratch. Routinely checking the performance of your website is an effective habit and is sure to make your online presence robust. Always remember that your website is a means of communication, making it easier for you and your readers to communicate with each other.

Hackworth Marketing is here to help you with your requirements when it comes to website design. We are a trusted brand for website design and assure you that our team of experts will ensure that you get the best services there are. We help you optimize your website for search engines so you get the best leads. We aim to build a correct brand image for your business.

If you have any more questions regarding a complete review of your website or to redesign your overall web presence, reach out to us and our team will get back to you!


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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer in Chesapeake, VA. Under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is now a full-fledged graphics, printing and technology company serving the Mid-Atlantic.

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