July 16


A Computer Refresh Can Save Your Business Money

By Hackworth

July 16, 2012

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Computer Refresh saves moneyIn order to stay competitive in the business world, employees need to have modern, up-to-date computers that can handle the latest software. While many consumers can get away with using old versions of software, the features and functionality connected with the latest programs are necessary to keep up with ever-shifting markets. Making use of a computer refresh program can ensure that your employees have access to all of the tools that they need in order to work with the latest programs and help customers that keep their computers up to date.

Unlike standard consumers, large computer manufacturers are willing to do computer refresh programs with companies. Essentially, depending on the needs of a business, the manufacturer will replace the systems in a business at a constant interval, taking the original computers back and giving the business newer models. This allows a business to stay reasonably up to date without having to spend nearly as much on computer hardware.

There are a few things that you should remember when taking advantage of a computer refresh program. How often you receive new workstations will determine how much you have to spend on the program. Surprisingly, using a shorter-term refresh cycle can save significant amounts of money. This is due to the fact that a three year old computer still has value in the consumer market, where a five year old computer does not. When you refresh your business’s computers, the manufacturer will account for whether or not the replaced systems can be refurbished. Systems that can be refurbished are exchanged for a lower amount as they still have value to the company. This can result in savings that can range anywhere between one hundred to five hundred or more dollars per user. For a large company with fifty-thousand employees, this is millions of dollars saved by taking advantage of the shorter refresh cycle.

A computer refresh program to acquire new workstations covers only the hardware. It is the responsibility of the business to meet all of the licensing obligations for the software that is being used on the computers. When you purchase your software, make certain you pick a license that allows you to transfer older pieces of software to the new workstations. Many companies will keep systems that have old versions of software applications installed on them to support customers and make certain that their business tools are compatible with those who do not have modern systems.

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