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Corey Wilt - Hackworth Service Manager
Scott Bodnar

Corey Wilt – 757.286.5029
Service Manager

Corey Wilt is the Service Manager for Hackworth, overseeing a vibrant and growing team. Corey first joined Hackworth in 2004 as a Service Technician, drawing on his electrical, mechanical and software background with 7+ years previous experience in the wide format printing industry, and he has now worked within the industry for over 20 years. As the Service Manager, Corey helps prioritize and align the required services resources for customers to ensure their needs are timely met and their equipment base is running at full and efficient capacity at all times. His primary focus is dedicated to providing the best services to Hackworth’s customers and ensuring a friendly work environment for employees. Corey currently resides in Illinois with his wife, Denise, and their 3 four-legged kids.

Scott Bodnar – 804.921.4974
Field Service Technician

Scott is a veteran in the large format printing industry. He worked for Sharpe Images for 14 years in Bond Print Production, Specifications Department and the Delivery Department as a driver and a manager. He also worked in the Color Department doing laminating and finishing services. His last 7 years at Sharpe, Scott was a Service Technician in the Service Department. In June 2010, Scott came on board with Hackworth as a Field Service Technician. He assembles, troubleshoots and repairs large format printers and scanners in addition to preventative maintenance. He is certified technician on KIP printers and KIP, Colortrac and Contex scanners. Scott’s territory covers Central, Western and Northern Virginia.

Scott lives in Richmond with his wife, Callie. He has played drums for 30 years and enjoys creating home music recordings when he gets the opportunity.

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Louis Simpson - wide format technician

Louis Simpson – 757.646.1529
Field Service Technician

Louis Simpson - wide format technician

Brinton Moncrief – 757.648.0973
Field Service Technician

James Johnson - Hackworth Field Technician

James Johnson – 757.​284.6826
Field Service Technician

Aaron Conn - Hackworth Field Technician

Aaron Conn – 757.646.5347
Field Service Technician