KIP 79 Series – Accelerating Print Production

kip 79 series

The KIP 79 Series print systems accelerate print production possibilities with consistent speed and productivity. It offers print technology with high definition that guarantees a delivery of expressive black density with advanced greyscale and fine line enhancement. The cloud connected KIP 79 Series is the most productive black and white print system in its class […]

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What You Need To Know About HP DesignJet T520

HP Designjet T520

What You Need To Know About HP DesignJet T520Choosing the right printer for your business can be an arduous decision to make. Start by asking yourself what you need from the printer, what type of printer is most practical and fits your budget,  as well as comparing the features and benefits provided by different printer […]

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What You Need To Know About KIP 71 Series

What You Need To Know About KIP 71 SeriesKIP is a leading global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for color and monochrome wide format documents. They offer a wide range of products that each meets the unending demand for a faster, higher quality, and more cost-effective reproduction. Not only do they provide one […]

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How to Design an Effective Trade Show Display

trade show booth design

How to Design an Effective Trade Show DisplayThe effectiveness of your marketing tool is determined by how it is used and how it is designed. The advances in software and technology have allowed design and layout to be much easier. When it comes to exhibit booths or trade show displays, always remember the basics as […]

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4 Reasons to Use Window Decals in Your Store

4 Reasons to Use Window Decals in Your Store Shops that are dull and unimaginative can easily go unnoticed on a busy street.  The key is to stand out to the crowds amongst conspicuously designed stores. Don’t be a store that customers say, “I never even knew this shop existed!” This is where signage comes […]

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Advantages of Loyalty Cards for Business Marketing

Advantages of Loyalty Cards for Business Marketing More than likely, you are familiar with loyalty cards used by many retail businesses. They are programs that incentivize customers to keep coming back to a business. In exchange for their willing participation in the program, customers are offered special product discounts, coupons, and points toward merchandise and […]

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How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Business

logo design

Many people do not put much thought into creating logos – draw a shape, type the company name in a stylish font, and boom, you’re done. Wrong! Your brand’s logo is actually a really important detail about your business and drawing a shape just won’t suffice. Having a professionally designed logo is a major cornerstone […]

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Why Trade Show Displays Are Important

trade show displays

A trade show is a great platform for businesses to promote themselves and attract potential customers to grow sales. This is why in the business world, trade shows are one of the most effective marketing activities. Participating in events like this will help you showcase your company’s latest offers, and help you find a potential […]

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Custom Labels: Why You Need Them for Work

Custom labels play a big role when it comes to defining your company name to customers. It’s all about the reinforcement of your brand by showing what your product is and how your product works. One of the cost-effective ways that can help you pull in more buyers is custom labeling. It’s time to say […]

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