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Can I Use An Image I Found Online For Sign Printing?

Using the Internet for personal or business projects can be very helpful for you, especially when it involves sign printing. Google itself can help you find ideas for graphic designing, let alone images that you can use for these designs. It is not uncommon for graphic designers, especially amateurs, to search images on the Internet that they can use for sign printing.

The Internet provides you thousands, if not, millions of results when you search for one particular image. And when you find the image perfect for your project, there is one common thing that stands between you and the image you want to have for your signage and that is the fact of whether you may use it.


Images you find on the Internet are covered by copyright. This frustrates most people who are looking for images for them to print. Usually, what’s perfect for their printing project is also the one with a watermark, and that’s not ideal for most. Although many websites have copyright information often placed at the bottom of their pages, it is not required that their images be protected. You normally find that out on your own.

If you do not know whether an image is copyrighted, you must examine the source of the image for a copyright symbol. Sometimes, logos of the creators or owners are placed on the image itself. If you can’t find out if an image is copyrighted, you are most probably risking yourself for breaking the law.

Images for printing

Many company's stock photo sources offer free images that you can download via the Internet without violating the copyright law. However, it will require you to sign up an account before you can download, but they won’t charge a penalty. There are also images from sources that give them freely with a simple copy and paste. For some sources, they charge a certain fee in return for access with their images. Prices may differ.

Here are some photo sources that offer free images:

  • Morgue File
  • Photo8
  • Unsplash

It is important to know that the image you will use for personal or business purposes is legal. It is not only the copyright you will worry about. It can also be the quality of the image.

Image quality

Five best scanners for image documents:

The first scanner is Contex, where it offers a solution that includes the art digital copying and large format scanning. It is the world leader in large format scanning. This scanner takes pride in producing highly advanced technology and innovative scan and copies software applications.

The second scanner is Colortrac; it is capable of providing imaging solutions for color and monochrome scanning needs in a cost-effective manner. It considered as the pioneer of cost-effective full format imaging solutions.

Next is the HP Designjet HD Scanner, which offers the easiest of in-house copy and scanning with a single touch of a button with HD scanners from HP. Innovative digital imaging systems make it easier for the user to create digital copies from original documents by scanning and copying through HP scan-copy-print systems. 

The fourth scanner is KIP 2300 Scanner; it is the latest production to rock the high resolutions, is a high-speed imaging system that combines enhanced color scan and world-class monochrome imaging quality. The KIP 2300 scanner set an exceptionally high standard for high productivity by embodying the fast speed, flexibility, and quality. 

Lastly is the Graphtec; it provides solutions for Mapping, CAD, Reprographics, Document Archiving, and GIS applications. This scanner is one of the primary providers of quality imaging products in the world for quality scanners that use Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology to provide high speed and quality. This enables users of large format scanners to enjoy higher accuracy in geometric scanning, enhanced reliability, and high-speed capture together with other performance advantages at a lower cost.

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