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If you would like to apply for a position at Hackworth, please download the application below and email it to Thanks for your interest in working at Hackworth!

Current Opportunities

Content Marketing Internship

Social Media is running rampant and now is the time to get your real-world experience. We are looking for an intern to sharpen their skills in the area of content marketing. This part-time unpaid internship will allow you to market to many different types of users as we do business with government, businesses, organizations and individuals.

ATTENTION! Must be an official school sponsored candidate.

▸ Interview industry experts
▸ Write tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts
▸ Interact with users on various social media platforms
▸ Take relevant quality photos
▸ Suggest Twitter and Facebook campaigns
▸ Answers to Marketing Director

▸ A demonstrated experience in developing and engaging online communities and online marketing
▸ Knowledge of the following social media platforms: LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook and blogging
▸ Motivated self-starter
▸ Be able to listen and follow directions
▸ Excellent visual, oral, and written communication skills
▸ Eager and able to collaborate and take ownership of project
▸ Enjoy meaningfully connecting people online and off-line
▸ Personable, with an energetic spirit and excellent organizational skills
▸ Knowledge of WordPress a plus