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Collaborative Online Document Editing: Is It Really Useful?

Google Docs, Quip, and other systems now offer collaborative document editing, as does Microsoft Office through Microsoft Sharepoint. Are these services actually useful, or do they just get in the way of getting actual work done? The Problem With Live Collaborative Document Editing Businesses have been doing collaborative document editing since ancient times. Work is […]

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5 Data Management Tips to Help Your Business

Data management is a crucial and integral process for any business. Most businesses do not have a well crafted data management strategy and that is why consequential problems can arise. To ensure that data is managed well, stored properly and secured, every company needs to have a properly evaluated and assessed data management strategy. It […]

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Anyone Can Lose Data at Anytime

This is truly a digital age, and technology is getting better every single day. Though technology improving can be both a blessing and a curse, there are people who use their computer skills to hack into servers and steal data. Also, despite the advances in technology, hardware and software still fail. Companies need to think […]

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