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How to Create a Manual for Your Business

how to create a manual

A helpful guide could be all it takes to make a person fall in love with a product. Your manual will serve as a go-to guide that walks the reader through a process and establishes standards. It’s a document people can pick up to answer any questions they have and then quickly move on to the […]

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2015 Graphic Design Trends

graphic design chesapeake, va

The worlds of graphic design and printing have long been intertwined, and now the power of digital art has become more and more important. It’s no surprise to see that many of the trends coming in 2015 have already been set in motion from previous years. Ever since the mid-2000s, there’s been a clamor for […]

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Preparing Graphic Design for Printing

graphic design

There are some simple guidelines you should follow when it comes to preparing your graphic design for printing. If you use professional services you can save yourself considerable time by using these easy-to-follow tips that will not only help you but also your printer turn your job around more quickly. Use the Right File Size […]

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2013 Latest Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a unique field which brings art, technology, and marketing practices into one medium. It is the art of sending a message, mostly advertisement for businesses, in a creative manner which will grab the attention of the targeted masses. There is a lot of scope for creativity in the field, where an artist […]

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