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4 Creative Ideas for Designing Business Cards

You may think that business cards are not really that necessary but think again! Business cards are a tried and true marketing tool that still have a place today. Business cards can help make a memorable impression in a networking or sales meeting. They can be a reflection of you and your company. A professional […]

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5 Tools Your Print Provider Should Be Using

print provider

The printing industry has radically changed over the years. In order to continue to produce high quality projects there are certain tools that are invaluable to a printer. Here at Hackworth, we utilize these tools to help businesses with professional level print work. Here are five tools of the printing industry that provide the best […]

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What is a Booklet and What Can You Use One For?

what is a booklet

On more than one occasion, you’ve probably read a booklet without even realizing it. You may have heard them referred to as catalogs, pamphlets, or training manuals at work. Booklets are resourceful, and a great way to promote your business by providing essential details to your potential customers. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what is a […]

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Here’s Why Print Advertising Is Still So Effective

effective advertising

So many of our day-to-day activities — shopping, banking, reading the news, connecting with friends and family, and even teaching ourselves a new hobby — take place online. So, you might think that the most effective advertising takes place there, too. However, you’d be wrong. The Neuroscience May Surprise You Studies into the neuroscience of recall, […]

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The Future of Reprographics

KIP 7170 Reprographics printer

Reprographics has taken new leaps since the introduction of digital printing. While other areas of printing may be rising steadily or holding firm in this new age, reprographics seems to be enjoying a new wave of interest in a wide variety of fields. What are Reprographics? A combination of “reproduction” and “graphics”, reprographics are reproductions […]

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Unusual Uses For 3D Printing

3D Mug Shots From DNA Analysis of crime scenes and witness reports can be more of an art than a science. One problem is that witnesses may not recall a face clearly, and investigators can run the risk of sending the wrong suspect behind bars if they rely too heavily on this kind of evidence. […]

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