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Custom Labels: Why You Need Them for Work

Custom labels play a big role when it comes to defining your company name to customers. It’s all about the reinforcement of your brand by showing what your product is and how your product works. One of the cost-effective ways that can help you pull in more buyers is custom labeling. It’s time to say goodbye to those days when companies used black-only text labels. This generation is shifting towards more creative and attractive techniques in color labeling. Whether screen printed or digital, custom labels provide numerous benefits to many different industries.

Essentially, custom labels are used for brand promotion. They provide an easy way of getting your message across. They are hard to ignore when they are designed professionally and creatively. Companies all over the world spend a significant amount of their marketing budget on effective and impactful brand promotion. With a color photo, text, or logo of your product, you can easily catch the attention of a potential customer at first glance. Not all labels are created equal. A quality label is durable, weather-resistant and will adhere to a surface securely. One element to be aware of is the amount of tack or “stickiness” you will need for your product.

Custom labels serve a variety of purposes other than brand promotion. At work, they can be used for identifying packaged products. With a single scan, the product’s entire history can be pulled up. Custom labeling also proves to be very effective in inventory control and warehouse navigation.

Additionally, custom labels are important when providing necessary warnings and information to customers who are using your products and services. Certain products must be labeled specifically for them to be placed in the appropriate environment. It is also essential in providing information on what chemicals are present that might be harmful or irritant to the user. Custom labels also provide the correct procedure and instructions for the safety use of a product. The use of appropriate colors and fonts are important when considering warning messages. Remember that the information should be distinguished easily. If user warnings are need, use bold and large fonts for emphasis. Custom labels eliminate production and shipping error, and can improve a company’s workflow.

Although, a custom label can be a large investment (depending on the design and the size of the order), they are a necessary tool for not only marketing but also organization. They can reduce manual labor that can be very time consuming and costly. Custom labels help streamline your business and keep things running smoothly.

Here at Hackworth, we are all about helping you and your business stay on top of your game! With our professional graphic designers, we can help you create, design, and print custom labels for branding, warnings, shipping and many more applications. For more information, you can contact us today or you can leave a message or comment below.

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