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Legacy Archiving


Hackworth is your legacy archiving solution.

A vast majority of organizations hold huge amounts of historical business data in their plan file rooms. What we as technology service providers call your Legacy Document Archive.

This Archive presents numerous challenges pertaining to the accessibility of this information, compliance of various regulatory requirements, along with storage capacity and productivity of your business. It is not only extensively laborious but also excessively time consuming to go through all of these archives to retrieve your required information. This is exactly the reason a huge majority of business organizations are having their archives scanned and transformed into digital formats that are far more accessible and easy to retrieve.

How much time do you spend tracking down legacy document requested by a consultant or for an internal design team? Did you locate the latest revision? Do you need to find an earlier version of a design? Once found, did you have to ship the hard copy to your consultant? Did you have to track that shipment to the source and how much time was added to your design cycle by the nature of a hard copy legacy?

Another benefit of a digital document archive is the assurance that, even after disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes or a fire, you still have all the data, historical and current, needed to help you recover from such occurrences so that your design processes can proceed.

Hackworth has an established reputation for providing innovative solutions to our client’s problems and image scanning is one of those solutions.

Offering Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversions of hard copy text within specification manuals, operating and user guide manuals, Raster-to-Vector (R2V) conversion of large format architectural and engineering hard copy drawings is one part of Hackworth’s approach to delivering a more manageable document for our clients.

Hackworth believes the simplest approach to a digital document archive is creating PDF format digital copies of the data contained within your archive. This universally familiar format is easily emailed and can be indexed and bookmarked to make finding a particular item of information within the PDF easy. If needed, additional hard copy can be generated from PDF files for consultants where they are located, rather than you incurring the expense of duplicating and shipping the data sets for them.

For further details on how a digital capture of your Legacy Document Archive can benefit you, call us at 757-545-7675 0r 1-800-676-2424