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Hackworth is Green

Recyling Perks

​Hackworth has joined with Recycling Perks to offer rewards for household recycling efforts and community service by Chesapeake, Suffolk and Richmond residents. The objective is to reduce waste, promote local economic growth and preserve natural resources for our future. Recycling Perks is an incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling.

Use your awarded points to claim rewards offered by Hackworth on the official Recycling Perks website. We offer discounted pricing for select print offerings to those who participate. Visit our profile at www.recyclingperks.com/shop/businesses/hackworth.

Green Printing & Business

Hackworth strives to balance printing industry demands and the environment. Here’s what we are doing to protect the environment and still meet your needs via green printing and business practices:

  • Recycle print product waste
  • Recycle all other eligible waste
  • Production machines automatically switch to sleep mode when not in use
  • Use 100% toner efficient equipment
  • Water cooler reduces number of disposed plastic bottles each day
  • Promote equipment shut-down at the end of each day
  • Offer recycled bond options for your print projects
  • Archiving services allow you to free up space and recycle blueprints/specs from previous jobs

If you would like more information regarding:

  • Ordering recycled wide-format bond, contact Jennifer Ham jham@hackworth.co.
  • Pricing (and lead times) for your project printing on recycled bond, contact Lynn Hardison – dlhardison@hackworth.co
  • Eliminating your monthly billing statement (you will still receive an invoice by mail), contact Linda Geren at accounting@hackworth.co or call: 757.545.7675

Worried about the quality of recycled paper?

Recycled paper has improved dramatically over the past few years. In fact, when it was compared to virgin bond at a recent meeting, no one could tell the difference between the two. It still costs about 20% more than virgin bond, but as it becomes more widely used the price should come down. On average, using recycled paper saves about 7 trees per ton. Here are some other environmental benefits of using recycled paper:

In the manufacturing process of recycled paper:

  • 74% less air pollution is generated
  • 35% less water pollution is generated
  • 58% less water is required
  • 64% less energy is required