March 18


Hackworth: Open House Reveals Deep History, New Energy

By Hackworth

March 18, 2016

By Ed Avis, IRgA

When Charlie and Dorothy Hackworth started their first reprographics-related business, Engineering Media, in 1974, diazo was king and digital imaging did not exist. Today their current company, Hackworth – Graphics-Printing-Technology in Chesapeake, Virginia, is a broad-based imaging business with capabilities ranging from engineering prints to full color graphics and screen printing.

The company showed off its latest technology and new building addition to about 300 customers and prospects at an open house on February 5.

“The contractors were still working on the cosmetics,” Charlie said. “But Charles [Charlie’s son], who is the vice president and general manager, wanted to have an open house just as soon as we could – there is so much new technology that’s available in the market, and we’ve always been one of the innovators in our area for new technology. We are HP and KIP dealers so we had the latest and greatest equipment that they just introduced in our production area and we were able to demonstrate those products to our clients to show them where the technology is going.”

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About the author

In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer. More than 20 years later under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is a full fledged technology and document solutions company.

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