August 2


Hackworth Recognized in Inside Business Anniversary Issue

By Hackworth

August 2, 2016

This year marks the 25th year in business for Hackworth. In 1991, Charlie, Dorothy and Charles ventured into providing blue printing services for the AEC industry in Hampton Roads. In the August issue of Inside Business, businesses throughout Hampton Roads who are celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2016 were recognized. For more on the Anniversary Issue visit

Inside Business on Hackworth:

Founded: 1991, as Hackworth Reprographics Inc. (branded as Hackworth – Graphics – Printing – Technology), by Charles Hackworth, Dorothy Hackworth and Charles Hackworth II

Headquarters: 1700 Liberty St., Chesapeake

Additional locations: Williamsburg and Richmond

The business: Hackworth is a state-certified small business (SWaM) that provides a wide range of printing and marketing services, wide-format digital imaging and printing systems and supplies, and document management solutions.

Current owners: President Charles Hackworth, CEO Dorothy Hackworth and Vice President and GM Charles Hackworth II

Obstacles overcome: Established relationships sustained the company in the declining years of sales during the architectural, engineering and construction business decline in 2008 and the transition of printing equipment industry from analog to digital.

Milestones reached: 1. 2014 – Wide-Format Imaging Top Shop. 2. 2015 – Wide-Format Imaging Top 50 Shop in the Nation. 3. 2016 – Wide-Format Imaging Top 50 Wide-Format & Signage Shop, No. 1 in Virginia, No. 26 in the nation.

Key to longevity: Although the nature of our core business has somewhat changed over the past two decades, we continue to be committed to provide excellence in our business solutions and to the communities and families of those with whom we share mutually beneficial partnerships.

What’s next: Further automation of internal processes, expansion into grand format printing and development of digital marketing offerings


About the author

In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer. More than 20 years later under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is a full fledged technology and document solutions company.

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