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How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Business

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Many people do not put much thought into creating logos – draw a shape, type the company name in a stylish font, and boom, you’re done. Wrong! Your brand’s logo is actually a really important detail about your business and drawing a shape just won’t suffice. Having a professionally designed logo is a major cornerstone of building your brand in the marketplace. The goal is to create instant recognition within the minds of your targeted audience.

With millions of logo designs floating around today, how can one make sure that your logo stands out? There are many design resources you can take advantage of but you must understand the basics in order to get the most out of your branding. Here are tips that will help you develop a professional logo for your business or organization:

Play with the psychology of colors

Color attracts the human eye. Significant studies have been conducted about the value of color and how it affects the human mind. It has been proven that colors can provoke strong emotions and ideas when viewed by customers.

  • Red – passion, danger, excitement, and love
  • Orange – vitality and happiness
  • Yellow – humor, energy, and optimism
  • Green– health, wealth, freshness, and nurturing
  • Blue – safety, trust, clarity, and serenity
  • Purple – luxury, royalty, wisdom, and creativity
  • White – purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and innocence

When designing your logo, design it with colors that work well together. The color palette of your logo design is also an important detail in making your logo unique. The colors of your design can carry meaning and can communicate ideas.

Explore the creative techniques

It’s almost impossible to create something that’s truly unique or original. Sometimes, without even knowing it, your idea has already been someone’s idea first. So before you finalize your logo, make sure your logo isn’t violating any trademarks or isn’t too similar to another logo.

One technique to consider is the visual double entendre, which is basically just a fancy way to call two pictures being wrapped into one through clever interpretation of a concept or idea. Logo designs that use this technique are a clever way to help your brand be more easily remembered. People are often intrigued by a hidden message or image  and are likely to appreciate a design because of it.

Another technique is the custom type logo. In making your logos unique, there’s nothing that can give you a more unique and creative feel than custom lettering. Custom type will help ensure a unique logo to avoid copying someone else’s branding. Also it can separate you from other companies that may use the same font that is readily available through design programs.

Consider the format

Perhaps you’ve designed your logo on a piece of paper or on a blank screen, and you think it looks good. But just because something looks good on a white background does not mean it will also look good on a shirt or other materials. During the designing process, experiment and see what your logo looks like on paper, on screen, on apparel, etc.

Know what it means

A good logo will always have a story. Beyond that pretty sketch of a bitten apple or a bird flying in an upward trajectory, a strong logo will always have meaning whether hidden or evident. Even if you come up with the meaning after you designed your logo, it is an effective way to communicate the message of your company visually. If you can design a logo that is not only beautiful but also meaningful, you’ll have a logo that will tie into the company’s core values and mission.

If logo design is beyond your skill level, we have a team of graphic designers who can help you with your logo creation. We can partner with you design a creative and unique logo that fits your company’s brand and mission. For more information, contact us today or comment below!

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