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HP PageWide XL vs KIP 800 Series – Which Is the Best Fit?

HP PageWide XL vs KIP 800 Series

When you are making an investment in the printer for your company, it’s important to make the right decision about which type you need to buy. You want to get quality printing, a good value that gives excellent returns on this investment, and a warranty that will assure you of your printer working up to industry standards at all times. If you are trying to decide about the new technology that will expedite copies in your office take a look at both the HP PageWide Technology and the KIP 800 Color Series before you come to a final decision about your next acquisition.

Use some of the features discussed below to help you make the right decision for your company. Which type will give you the best value for the money that you are spending? Compare speeds, consider warranties, and view some of the features that each type of technology has. It’s always helpful to read customer testimonials and to review consumer articles that tout the outstanding features of the HP Page Wide Technology as well as the KIP 800 Color Series.

Print Productivity

Which system will provide you with the highest levels of productivity? The HP PageWide Technology has a printspeed that is the fastest on today’s market. You’ll get 30 D/A1 pages per minute which expedites your business operations at a breakthrough speed. This technology features a fast processer, PDF management, and SmartStream software that is easily managed. Your consolidated workflow will produce mixed monochrome and colored sets in about 50% of the usual time. The KIP 800 Color Series also produces cost-effective printing, a simple operation and automatic finishing that makes copying documents an easy task to accomplish.

Print Quality

The quality of the copies that you want for your business must be clear, easy to read, and have crisp lines that detail any documentation that you may be reproducing, especially in the construction industry. TheHP PageWide Technology will deliver smooth grayscales, fine details, and defined linesthat make any project easy to review. For construction purposes the HP PageWide will produce vivid colors, dark blacks, and fade and moisture resistant prints. The KIP 800 Color Series system will produce graphic, office, and technical documents that feature precise imaging and outstanding color fidelity. Whether you need architectural, construction, or engineering documents, you will be pleased with the results that you get from this technology.

Print Costs

Saving money is one of the main focuses of successful entrepreneurs. By using the HP PageWide Technology you can save money with a cost-effective operation that includes quality printheads and ink efficiency. The reliability that you get with this technology is sure to protect and increase your bottom line. When you need high levels of performance and quality delivered as a comprehensive solution, consider the KIP 800 Color Series system. The durability of the prints that you produce will make working indoors or outdoors a successful project no matter what the weather. With functionality, color quality, and precise images, this technology will meet and exceed your needs.


Our wide format equipment team is on hand to answer any questions about these breakthrough technologies and how that can benefit your business. For more information contact your Regional Sales Manager today! 
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