I don’t know if I can afford a new machine. - Hackworth

I don’t know if I can afford a new machine.

It is a refrain I hear all the time from people looking at new wide format equipment. Especially in the uncertainty of the current economic downturn, it is always scary to make the leap into an unknown world. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are many ways to look at your new machine and other very easy ways to finance your purchase.

At Hackworth Imagining, we are able to offer a very unique perspective to your new equipment decision. As a large reprographic shop that also sells and services wide format equipment, we can help you to analyze your current costs and make recommendations based on whether in-house equipment, pure outsourcing, or a hybrid solution works best for you.

Even though you may be hearing horror stories about credit availability in the general marketplace, what you may not know is that our lending partners have a wealth of programs available, including $1 buy-out leasing, longer term leasing, and 0% interest leases. Whatever your financing options are, we can find a solution that meets your needs.

And after you have made the decision to add wide format equipment to your office, Hackworth can provide you with a support package that fits your budget. We can cover you with our extended service programs and can offer you all-inclusive programs that allow you to budget for all your costs and secure your supplies at a greatly reduced rate.

Please take the time to meet with one of our Regional Sales Managers and allow us to provide you with a no-obligation cost analysis.

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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer. More than 20 years later under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is a full fledged technology and document solutions company.

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