We Are Your New Marketing Department - Hackworth

We Are Your New Marketing Department

For years businesses and organizations all over Hampton Roads have trusted Hackworth to print their marketing materials to help communicate their message. Now our aim is to not only provide this service but to also become your complete marketing services partner.

Amplify your message.

We want to amplify the purpose, plan and production of your business's message. Our goal is to help clarify vision, devise an effective plan and lastly implement targeted marketing tactics whether it be a website, email marketing, content development, events, video, etc.

It starts with the vision.

Why do you do what you do? When you can effectively communicate this, marketing the end product or service is highly effective. The vision drives the message of your business.

Make a plan.

Write it down. Make it plain. Words we live by. ​There is no need to over complicate things. Once the vision is place its time to think strategy. The marketing process started with "the why" now it's "the how." How will we effectively communicate the message of your business.


targeted marketing

Hit your target.

​The rubber is now meeting the road. Marketing tactics are "the what" we will do to amplify your message. These efforts will allow you to hit the target you have envisioned for your company.

  • Advertising
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Marketing - SEO, SEM
  • Event Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Brand Management