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Some Must-Have Applications for Your PC

Free Computer SoftwareThough there is no hard-and-fast rule on the applications you must use in your PC, using the ones that are highly recommended can help you a great deal in the long run. The downloadable applications mentioned here are excellent solutions that will allow you to experience seamless and improved productivity on your PC. Read on to find out more about some must-have applications that can make your PC faster, safer, and much more enjoyable to use.

System cleanup and maintenance tools

System cleanup and maintenance utilities are always beneficial and there are some excellent tools available online that can make your task easy. The CCleaner is one such free downloadable program that cleans the system and keeps away unwanted files. The program frees the computer of the temporary and unwanted files, deletes the browsing tracks, kills unused cookies, and atomizes the unwanted files that are associated with different programs, including the browser files. CCleaner even provides a Registry cleaner.

To enhance the performance of CCleaner, you can install CCEnhancer, a freeware that speeds up the cleaning process and extracts unwanted files from every possible nook and corner for deletion. The program gets automatically integrated with CCleaner, so you are not required to do anything more than installing the application in your system.

If you wish to dig deep into your PC to find out how it has been functioning, you can download the LookInMyPC program. The application performs the task of getting into the system core and providing you with in-depth information on how your system has been faring. The information will be provided to you in the form of an easily comprehendible report. You can even take a peek into the part number of the RAM chips, installed drivers, name and addresses of your ISP, software versions, installed updates, and much more. The report gives a sense of how well your system has been responding to the various programs or if it has faced any hurdles in doing so.

For the purpose of keeping your PC up-to-date, you can download the Secunia program. The tool scans the PC, checks for updates, warns you on the same, and even helps in doing the update. Expired programs that pose a threat to your PC are also detected by Secunia PSI.

Productivity enhancers

The Hamster Free Zip Archiver is another handy tool that is believed to make the process of handling large files easier. The tool lets you create and open archived files through an easy drag-drop method. The Archiver is capable of unzipping a variety of formats including .rar, .zip, and .7z. It provides few other options for compressing and splitting files as well.

Evernote is another useful note-taking service program. This is an online capturing tool that takes down excess information to make it accessible for you later on. This type of information varies from notes, picture files from camera, web content, and much more.


If IE is still ruling your system, it is high time you changed this norm. Mozilla Firefox, the leading internet browser today outdoes your entire web-browsing experience. The amazing add-ons in the latest version are a pleasure to work with. The simplistic interface also adds to the enhanced experience. Google Chrome follows immediately. With its minimalistic interface and a sharp content viewer that also has a built-in flash player, Chrome is slowly emerging to be the next powerful web browser.

You can install the above tools in your PC quickly and easily. They are also absolutely free of cost. Equip your PC with the above mentioned tools and experience the difference.

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