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Streamlining Facility & Construction Documents Via Scanning

Have you ever lost an important document? It might have been a revised engineering drawing or a blueprint. How much effort did it take to recreate? Using scanning to save large documents can help you avoid repeating that problem. How do you produce copies of your large documents? Scanning (along with wide-format printing) can work here for you too.

Why Scan Large-Format Documents?

Having documents saved on computer gets rid of the time and effort of searching for documents in flat drawers, hanging files and tubes. It protects your drawings from damage due to regular handling and copying.  You can view a “better than the original” image on your computer. You can print or email  oversize documents directly from your desktop once they have been scanned, and there is no need for photocopying and snail mail.  You can share complete sets of large-format documents easily and quickly. And you reduce office space requirements by cutting down on the amount of paper filing space you need.

Scanning your drawings and other oversize documents ensures that critical information is preserved and becomes accessible by all authorized parties. When architects, engineering firms and construction companies no longer have the worry, inefficiency and expense of managing large format documents in paper form, they can focus more on their core businesses of designing and building.

Large-Format Scanning for All Needs

Facility managers, architects, engineers, construction companies and others rely on large-format scanning services to help them better manager:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Architectural renderings
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Topographic maps
  • Other large format drawings

Large-Format Scanning Services

Depending upon the company you use and the scanners they use, you should be able to see some of these benefits from using a scanning service:

  • Background noise cleanup
  • Advanced image enhancement
  • Image rotation for optimal viewing
  • De-skewing
  • Output to Tiff, PDF and other file formats
  • Project-specific indexing for quick and easy retrieval

Companies that offer large-format scanning use professional equipment and software to improve the quality of the images they capture. They have operators who have been trained to handle large-format documents quickly and efficiently. You can arrange for the originals to be stored off-site once scanned, or returned to you for you to dispose of.

How Large a Document Size Can Be Scanned?

If you think your document is too big to scan, consider this. The Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ 56 Series range scans documents up to 56 inches wide.  It uses special technology to eliminate creases or other poor original qualities, and some models can scan in color. It can scan a full size color image and present it on your PC screen with the same colors as the original. Ideal for reworking and reprinting.

Hackworth Large Document Scanning

Hackworth not only sells large-format scanners to its customers, but we can also scan your documents for you. If you want to know more about this type of scanning, contact us today. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your options with you. Contact us at 757-545-7675 or

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