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KIP ImagePro

What You Need To Know About KIP ImagePro

KIP ImagePro is a single software solution designed to simplify every stage of wide format color as well as black and white print workflow. This software combines the essential tools of print, copy, and scan with brilliant multitasking for a more efficient production whether in standard mode or intelligent image interaction in expanded mode.

The standardi presents production operators or occasional users with quick access tools – an HD Viewer for area of interest printing and intuitive job editing functions. On the other hand, the expanded features, with a simple click, put technical and graphic professionals in the driver’s seat. Features like nesting, paneling, spot color exchange, and access to control ,management, are only usually available in expensive graphic RIPs. KIP ImagePro, however, delivers these tools that experts need to get the job right.

Standard Mode Features

  • High Definition Viewer – You can zoom in our out on any image for details and accuracy before printing. This feature helps you in getting high quality results.
  • Area of Interest: in Prints, Scans, and Copies – This feature includes sizing and pan tools for you to achieve your desired product. It helps eliminate waste.
  • Thumbnail Preview – With this, you can immediately arrive at the desired file with one simple click. It features a live view of stamps, color vs. black and white and automatic title block recognition for KIPFold users.
  • SmartStacking – This feature helps in organizing the files in the correct order so you can confidently print to front or back stackers.
  • Quick Access Tool Bar – This feature increases efficiency and decreases efforts like clicking here and there for an easier file printing.
  • Workflow Automation – This feature helps in having a quick access to print, scan, or copy because it groups common settings in Templates.
  • Image Cleanup – This feature provides simple tools that adjust image quality during scanning or printing with digital droppers to boost black lines and clean up background.
  • KIPFold Integration – Automatic Title Block Recognition and Pre-Configured Fold Presets remove the guesswork from folding to show true integration.

Expanded Mode Features

  • Column Logic for Job Building, Scanning, and Copying – This feature provides the ultimate parameter control for single and multipage files. It positions tools and enables important features to easily edit large job sets with cut/paste.
  • High Definition Viewer – This feature allows you to view the details of an image more clearly. It enables Filter Effects to view Print Quality, PS/PDF, and Spot Color Adjustments.
  • Color Management, Color Filters, and Color Exchange – This feature helps in achieving a more professional product with the professional tools it provides for changing color space, using ICC profiles, filters for black and white point settings for fast feedback from active high definition viewing.
  • System Presets – This feature helps maximize workflow with standardized job settings for all System K software apps. Shared or Private System Presets permit individualization of scaling, stamps and color and b&w adjustments.
  • Job History – This feature enables job history size. It counts to recall previous jobs. Add or remove pages, modify scaling, color and b&w adjustments, then print.
  • Job Validation – To avoid waste, this feature identifies potential issues prior to printing. Selected warning messages for invalid parameters for PDF Fonts, Page Clipping, Mismatched Roll Size or Media Type.
  • Active Device and Job Status – Printer and scanner info is graphically presented with a simple glance of the Status Panels. Email notification informs teams of status, media and toner needs.
  • KIP Accounting Integration – Allocate print and copy volumes to departments and projects. Assign color or B&W, print and scan features to individuals or teams with Role Based Accounting.

If KIP ImagePro sounds like the right solution for your operation, speak with your Regional Sales Manager today. More questions about the solution? Submit your message below, or you can contact us today!

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