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Which wide format printer is the right one?

A wide format printer is a printer which renders on pages wider than 17” but less than 100”. Printers over the 100” mark are referred to as “super-wide” or “grand” format. Wide format printer research can help separate the pretenders from the contenders when printing banners, posters and signs as well as black and white construction plans. A wide format printer usually prints from a roll of paper instead of single sheets. They may also use hot air dryers to keep prints from sticking to one another while they are being printed. Choosing the right wide format printer is not a difficult task, just plot out what features are desired and find the model that best suits the intention.

An HP Designjet wide format printer is great for professional graphics and technical drawings. The printer delivers exceptional quality renderings regardless of the use. HP Designjet printers are highly reliable and user friendly. They can print detailed maps, precision schematics and photographic reproductions of professional quality.

A KIP wide format printer provides digital printing solutions for architectural, engineering and manufacturing establishments. KIP is a dependable, efficient and high quality performance. KIP has award winning models of wide format design which render imaging technologies well and enhance the operations of every piece of the KIP printing or scanning system catalog.

A Canon wide format printer offers a brand name to be trusted for technical documents as well as general use. Canon gives professional printers more options than they have before. The company has a long history of being the industry standard and particularly color Canon inkjet printers have been used for generations. Specifically the Canon imagePROGRAF color printer serves general purpose printing as well as more technical documents.

An Océ wide format printer is a world leader in printing technical documents, copying, plotting and scanning. Océ’s wide format printers offer the advanced reprographic capabilities required by companies all over the world. Océ has numerous models able to handle wide format printing up to 60” wide and any length.

Choosing the right wide format printer also involves choosing the right ink. Water based ink is most often used, despite the misnomer. Most often it is not water that carries the ink but another fluid. Dye ink has a high color selection, but fades easier in UV radiation. UV resistant ink stands up to UV radiation, but tends to have duller colors. Once you’ve made your decision, Hackworth can fulfill your ink supply needs. Just visit our online store or call and speak with Dave, 757-545-7675.

For a free analysis of your wide format printing needs contact your Regional Manager. Steve, Ralph and Dave can answer any question you might have concerning choosing the correct printing solution for your business.

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