Outdoor Signs Are Still Important For Your Business

Why Outdoor Signs Are Still Important For Your Business

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If you are operating or planning to start a business, one of the most important visual elements you should consider is using a creative and attractive outdoor sign for your business. Not only do these tools act as a visual and inanimate salesperson for potential customers, they also help your business stand apart from the competition. Customers are more likely to purchase from a business that they have already heard of or noticed from seeing their signage.

Here are the tops reasons why outdoor signs are important for your business:


For small businesses, outdoor signs act as a guidepost to lead your customers to the right area where your business is located. With the right design, these signs can attract people’s attention that can eventually persuade them want to go inside your business especially when it’s new. They can create a really strong impression for customers. Additionally, these signs help differentiate your business from others in your locale. Tourists and people who just moved in to the area are going to look for local businesses that can help them. From being landmarks to information booths, these signs can really help you advertise and boost your business!


An outdoor sign can serve as a salesperson for new customers 24/7. Most of the time, these signs are designed with what the store offers. What usually makes an outdoor sign effective is a unique displays. Sometimes, food businesses show their specials of the day while clothing stores show special discounts for every purchase of their new products. Additionally, putting your logo as design will reinforce your brand and its recognition. These signs serve as a primary link between a business and its customers.

Brand Promise

Outdoors signs are the first to give impressions to people who are walking around your area which is why they should always be neat and bright to achieve its purpose. With a clean and professional design, it conveys the promise of your brand, the high standards of your business, and the uniqueness of your business. An outdoor sign that is damaged, smudged or clearly not maintained will fail to be a good representation of your brand or your business.

Great Investment

It is no doubt that business owners use outdoor signs as a component of their marketing strategies. It is the one of the most common methods used in reaching thousands of potential customers. It is also much more cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising such as radio, television, and newspapers. As an exterior design, it is visible 24 hours a day – its exposure is prominent and continuous.

In some cases, small and medium businesses go unnoticed. With a well done outdoor sign, this will no longer be a problem for you as they help plant the seed for future sales. Put a professional sign out now, and see how much difference it makes!

Here at Hackworth, we are able to produce as many types of creative print jobs that include outdoor signage. You can leave your message or comment below, or you can contact us today so we can help design an outdoor sign for you!

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Lyla Peterson - a couple of months ago Reply

I didn’t realize that the outdoor sign of your business acts as more cost-effective advertising than other forms like radio and television. I own a small boutique with a sign on the door, but I have been thinking about investing in a larger, more eye-catching sign. It sounds like it will end up being a good investment for the business.

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