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Wide Format Printers More Integral to Business than Ever

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Although the move to digital formats and the emphasis on using new computing devices seemed to signal a decline in certain forms of printing, the wide format printing era seems to have been renewed. Today, more businesses are tapping into this form of printing and the results are companies such as HP, Canon and KIP creating new types of wide format printers and technology to meet this growing demand.

What are Wide Format Printers?

Generally speaking, these are printers that can print from a width starting at 17” up to 100”. Printers which can print wider than 100” are generally called “Super-Wide” or “Grand Format” printing devices. Wide format printing is used to print banners, posters and any other signage that requires large sizes. In certain conditions, people may use wide format printers instead of screen printing, especially for short runs or low numbers of copies.

These type of printers use several kinds of ink technology including aqueous, solvent, UV, dye sublimation and toner. The type of project dictates the ink that would be used, i.e. indoor vs. outdoor, color vs. black and white or short term vs. long term.

The Future is Today in Wide Format Printing

What has been true over the past few years is that wide format printing has grown far more than expected. Today, companies that use to be wary of purchasing wide format printers are now seeing a tremendous opportunity to expand or enhance their business.

This is because a series of bold, new ideas from businesses has really bolstered the industry. The following are just a few of the new ideas that have actually created new technology for wide print formatting.

Wall Graphics: Why have a boring old wall when you can augment it with colorful wide prints? This has allowed businesses to change their interior appearance at a relatively low cost. Plus, it makes each business really stand out in terms of marketing to the public.

Reproduction of Art & Drawings: From blueprints to the most celebrated art in the world, this type of printing has allowed for precise reproductions that are astonishing. Closely related is the ability to recreate architectural drawings and blue prints to larger sizes for an even better understanding of projects.

Companies like HP, KIP and Canon are now creating wide format printers that many businesses are purchasing to meet their own specific needs. Organizations that would traditionally outsource their printing needs can now afford in-house wide format printers that allows them to save time and money in the long run. They are able to create their own banners, posters and other large promotional materials for trade shows and public events to really draw attention to what they do.

For something that seemingly had limited appeal just a few years ago, wide format printing now has much greater application to everyday business operations. The future of wide format printing combined with lower cost printers, advances in digital technology and the imaginations of business owners around the world looks to be very bright indeed.

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